Sims 4 – EA Surveys Expansion Packs and Fall Release Date Expected

Till now, EA or Maxis didn’t formally announce information related to the upcoming title The Sims 4 but the company has rolled out a survey which players have been talking about of late.

Some of the questions found in the survey had created a buzz among the player community. It is surprising to see that there is positive and negative criticism on the company even before they launch the game. One of the survey questions require a player to answer whether they will consider paying for a premium pack. The concept is that EA will bring a lot of players within the subscription module and the duration of the plan will be one year. Any content DLC pack, expansions, skin and other in-game stuff released during this period will be available for players who join the elite group.

Premium Plan for DLCs

The suggested retail price for the annual subscription is pegged at $100 but there is an option that allows players to choose anywhere between $60 and $120 based on which the contents of the pack could vary. A majority of players suggest that this will definitely be a welcome addition because eventually they end up paying more than $100 for the content released throughout the year and this could be a cost effective change. Besides, the Sims 4 will be bringing some speculated expansion packs as well which will make it hard to not purchase them once released. A premium plan will get rid of their budget issues as it is being paid upfront only once in a year and they can grab everything that is released in the EA store without any hurdles.

The survey seems legit because players have been posting screenshots of the same on websites like Imgur. Based on the limited number of people talking about this survey conducted by EA, it can be deduced that it is being conducted within a closed group and not promoted on a large scale. Besides the annual subscription plan, it briefly revealed a huge list of proposed expansion packs for The Sims 4. Most of them definitely look interesting and if they make their way to the final game, it’s going to be exciting news for the ardent fan community. The expansion packs suggested are Generations, Seasons, Pets, Time Travel, University and Magic School among others.

Multiple DLCs Planned, Could be 16!

The other pages of the survey haven’t been revealed in any of the images posted by the players. So, you cannot confirm whether there are more packs and DLCs proposed that we didn’t know yet. While majority of the expansions sound familiar, the new engine combined with the team’s effort is expected to inject new life into the franchise. The Sims 4 is slated to be released in 2014 will definitely be visually impressive because the new gen consoles Xbox One and PS4 are capable of rendering high quality graphics while PC is always on par with the latest technology. The magic school pack is enticing as it might allow players to study in a wizard school similar to Harry Potter. According to the survey, nearly 12 to 16 expansion packs have been planned.

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