5 Interesting Facts about Friendship Day – Time for Gifts, Events, Fun and Celebration

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It is the time of the year again when you can embrace in the warmth of your friendship and celebrate the day with people who have bonded with you throughout your life.

Some noble person in the past said that there could be people who don’t have a significant partner, but there is hardly anyone who doesn’t have a friend to share their joy and sorrow. The relationship is so important which is commemorated on the Friendship Day every year in the month of August.

On this graceful occasion, we explore some of the amazing and interesting facts related to the day that will let you know more about this special time. You can even share it with your friends and surprise them with your new found knowledge.

  • While the concept of Friendship Day was subtle yet celebrated around the world for a long time, it was Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark cards, who promoted the event to the general public in 1919. It is a marketing strategy without a doubt, but in his attempt to promote the cards, he brought people together and marked the first Sunday of August every year as the Friendship Day.
  • Some countries in the South American continent have been celebrating this occasion since the early 1958 and July 30th was considered to be the day when it was to be celebrated. The International Friendship Day as officially recognized by the general assembly of United Nations is on the same date but people around the globe prefer to enjoy it on a Sunday as it is much more convenient besides being a time to meet up with friends rather than going to the office or school.
  • In countries like Bangladesh, Malaysia and India, Friendship Day was scarcely known until 2000. When the social media websites such as Orkut and Facebook got launched in these countries after the time, the day gained significant prominences and is now accepted on a global scale.
  • For people who love to celebrate the day before everyone else joins the bandwagon, you can try the D del Amigo – the Spanish Friendship Day which is celebrated every year on July 20 especially in Argentina and Uruguay.
  • The Beatles’ immortal song ‘With a Little Help from My Friends’ is associated with the event since its release date in 1967.

So, it’s time for fun. Go, hangout with your best buddies and have a great time!

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