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Anyone who has a smart phone is likely to have heard of and used Skype at some point or another.

This popular messaging client is one of the most-used IM platforms today and is useful for both social networking and business communication purposes. Skype is a social networking and messaging client that is now officially managed by a Microsoft division and offers free IM for Skype-to-Skype communication as well as a small fee for Skype-to-landline communication. To cater to the growing demand of mobile users, Skype is now also available as an application that contains basically the same features you see in Skype for PCs and Mac devices.

Advantages of Using Skype for Mobile and PC

Skype, being a free platform, offers users a number of distinct advantages, which include the following:

  • Free instant messaging with Skype contacts over the Internet
  • Free video chat
  • Free voice recording and video recording
  • Free file transfers from one user to another
  • Group conference calling for up to 25 users at a time
  • Facebook connectivity using the Skype platform

Facebook connectivity is a recent development that allows users to integrate their Facebook contacts with Skype. Users can log in to Skype using Facebook names and passwords and they get IM access to their Facebook contacts from Skype. This is pretty nifty especially for those who find it too cumbersome to open different apps and sites for social networking and messaging purposes.

Skype Downloads

Skype is now available for free download on PC and smart phone directly from the official website and from third-party download sites. Although Skype has always been a free resource, users were limited in the past to their computers if they wanted to use the application to send messages or video chat with friends online. Smart-phones now have the capabilities of a typical notebook PC, allowing users to download the Skype mobile app where they can communicate with contacts from their mobile PCs as well. A Skype number also enables users to receive land-line calls from their Skype platform on their PCs or mobile phones.

The Skype downloads also offer users cheap online calls from Skype accounts to phone numbers, whether it’s a land line or a cellphone anywhere the world. With rates cheaper than those offered by local or international cellphone carriers, it is no surprise that many users prefer making calls from Skype to phones. The application for both PCs and mobile is also designed to allow easy payment for credits, which are the only things you have to pay for if you use Skype as your messaging platform.

Skype Updates

Free downloads of Skype are open to regular Skype updates to increase usability and connectivity. Updates are usually made to fix minor bugs and errors or to add new features such as Facebook connectivity and improve video quality. Recent updates include the inclusion of the free video messaging service which users can operate on Windows and Mac OS as well as on iOS, Android and Blackberry mobile phones. A subsequent update allowed for HD quality video messaging for iPhone and iPad users.

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