Getting Even More Out of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a popular messenger choice, for millions of people all over the world, allowing users to send free text messages to any of their phone contacts, who also have the app on their devices.

Yet, there’s a lot more to WhatsApp than merely sending messages. It brings with it plenty of other interesting features that users can enjoy. These features may not be immediately obvious to many users, with some of the features being available only in the Android version, whereas other features are available on all other platforms having the application.

Sending Conversation History

It is now possible to send an entire conversation or the whole history from the application through email. If you are using the Android application, you only need to click on ‘Menu’ for a conversation on the bottom right. Select the option ‘More’ and then ‘Email Conversation’ option. You must then enter the address of the message recipient. A mail containing the entire conversation history can be sent in this way and it includes images, audio and video clippings. If you are using the iOS app, select ‘Settings’ and opt for ‘Email Chat History’.

Changing the Wallpaper

If you are bored of looking at the same background, you can select different wallpapers for your chat screen. Go to the option ‘Wallpaper’ from the ‘Chat Menu’ and select an image from your phone or select one of the beautiful backgrounds offered by the WhatsApp Wallpaper application. When you select the WhatsApp option from the Wallpaper menu, the wallpaper application gets downloaded automatically. If you are using the iOS app, select the ‘Conversation Settings’ from the ‘Settings’ menu and then tap on ‘Chat Wallpaper’ for selecting the image you want.

Saving Photographs

Any images and videos received through the application are automatically saved in the media images folder, on your phone. You can see these pictures in the Gallery and easily share them through Facebook or do other interesting things like using them as your contact photo and so on. The photographs are stored in the ‘Photos’ application in the iOS app. When you tap on the Media button from the chat menu, you can view all sent and received files.

Back Up for Conversations

If you would like to store your WhatsApp conversations, you can create a backup for them, so that it will never be lost. Select the Chat Preferences option from the ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Chat History backup’. There is no need to create daily backups as the application automatically saves the conversation at 4 in the morning every day.

Sending Messages with Enter Key

The ‘Enter’ key is normally used for going to the next line of text message, but you normally don’t use this feature in the application. WhatsApp offers you the option of using the ‘Enter’ key on your virtual keyboard for sending the messages, instead of going to the ‘Send’ button in the application. This makes it easier to send the message. If you want to enable the option of using the ‘Enter’ key for sending messages, you can check on the ‘Enter is Send’ in the ‘Chat Preferences’ from the ‘Settings’ menu. However, the iOS version of WhatsApp does not offer this option.

Creating Shortcuts

Those who use the application very often might get bored of launching the application every time they wish to use it. The Android version of WhatsApp allows users to create a shortcut to conversations on the home screen. In this way, you don’t need to open the app for picking up conversations where you left it off, as you only have to tap on the icon with the contact name. In order to enable this option, select ‘More’ from the ‘Chat’ menu and then click on ‘Add Conversation Shortcut’.

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