The Best Android Apps of 2014 – Download for Free and Enjoy the Benefits

The app store is always buzzing with some news or the other.

There is a lot of competition among the app developers to get listed in the top lists. The popularity of the apps and the number of downloads made every day plays a direct role in ascertaining the revenue one can make from the world of apps. Those who are wondering what the top apps in 2014 would be, can check out this list.


We all want to have greater customization choices with our phone. Start is perhaps one of the most powerful apps for all those who want to reach out to their favorite apps even in the locked screen mode. This app is so designed that you can have up to 24 different apps of your choice in your lock screen itself. You can choose them manually or let the app configure it for you automatically.

It is available for free and can really offer a dynamic change in the way your phone looks, feels and operates.


Want to improve the performance of your phone? This app offers you 5 different agents that can make your phone a lot smarter than what it is. It comes with a battery agent which allows you to conserve your battery so that it will last longer. Further, there is a meeting agent that will turn your phone to silent, depending upon the calendar notes and reminders about the meetings you have set. There is also a sleeping agent that will deactivate a lot of features and put your phone to silent when you go off to sleep. These agents help in making your phone smarter.

Battery Defender

Most of us are tired of the quick battery drainage that happens very often. By using this free app, you can derive the maximum use out of your battery. This app disconnects the Wi-Fi and data connection when you are sleeping. You have the option of setting your sleeping time. It also changes your synchronization time to 15 minutes. This saves you significant battery storage.


If you are tired of your phone vibrating at specific times and you want larger control over it, this app will turn out to be handy for you. Mumble is a revolutionary app because you can sense the length and content of the message even before reading it. You can ignore annoying messages and even fix typos.


Want an anonymous place for ranting and finding others who believe in the same things as you? This is the perfect app that allows you to share your thoughts and complain anonymously. You have the option of adding images, emoticons and graphics. You can blur captures and enliven the conversation too. Those who are looking for such an app will definitely love what this one has to offer.

These are the best apps of 2014 in the Google play store and there are many other choices to pick from too.

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