Minecraft PS4 – A Great Game Designed for an Exclusive Platform

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The PS4 has been Sony’s flagship gaming platform and has taken the company to new technological heights with a successful launch. The PS4 is at direct loggerheads with Microsoft’s XBox One and Nintendo’s Wii U. The stiff competition in the gaming console market had led Sony to innovate and make a device that would encompass all the technologies that are relevant and can be incorporated into a single unit. The result has been the Sony PlayStation 4 which has the latest technological features that Sony has to offer, combined with an awesome gaming platform that is as smooth and easy to use, as much as it is feature intensive. The PS4 requires games which are compatible and can run only on it. One such game that has captured the minds of gamers today and shown the true capabilities of the PS4 is the Minecraft PS4 version.

Minecraft PS4 version runs only on the PS4 and is incompatible even with the lower versions of the PS4. This has been done intentionally by Sony in order to preserve the technological greatness of the PS4 over its predecessors and also to overcome certain lags and problems that were being faced in the earlier version of the Play Station. The game is a delight to any super enthusiastic gamer and plays perfectly well on the highly advanced platform of the PS4. Minecraft PS4, being specifically developed for the PS4, gives excellent output in terms of visuals, graphics, handling, smoothness and ease of play. The better hardware quality and software enhancements of the PS4 make Minecraft a great game for the PS4.

Technology Coupled with Great Concept

The game boasts of a well designed interface that combines well with the PS4 hardware and controls.

It is very easy to play the game, control exactly how it proceeds and get a great viewing experience at the same time. The technological enhancements of the PS4 over the older PS3 have made the game even more interesting, smooth to play and easier to control. The game, which allows the users to build and destroy entire cities and capture other cities also, works beautifully on the hardware intensive PS4. The game has already been made famous on platforms like PS3 and the XBox and has already won a number of ardent users. However, the new PS4 compatible game leaves all the previous experiences behind by giving the users an entirely new feel of the game. Plus, the name of Sony in the gaming market has a degree of trust attached to it and hence the game is an obvious crowd puller.

Cross Platform Non-Compatibility

The game cannot be run on different platforms, that is, the Minecraft designed for PS4 can be used properly only on the PS4 platform. This makes the game unsuitable and unusable for other platforms. This has been done so that the game remains an exclusive feature of the PS4 and no other problems which were present in the previous versions are carried forward to the new version. Although this sounds like a limitation, it is an advantage, which is a blessing in disguise for Minecraft PS4.

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