WhatsApp Plus Free Download – Cheering Your Message with These Happening Features and Stickers

WhatsApp has grown to become the world’s most famous IM service. It is loved by many, because of its efficiency and ease of use.

Even though it has attracted more than 20 million users, there is stiff competition from other IM service providers and this has prompted innovators to make improvements and changes to WhatsApp to make it WhatsApp Plus. Basically, WhatsApp Plus is an improved version of the original WhatsApp application. The improved version comes with improved features and extra options that allow you to customize your user interface by using colorful themes and even a transparent theme.

Special features in WhatsApp Plus

Hiding Your Last Seen Update

This new version of WhatsApp allows you to hide your ‘last seen’ status from your friends. This is one of the many features that make this version amazing. No one has to know when you used the app last.

Enhanced Image Quality

Image quality has long been an issue when it comes to this IM service. The old version reduces images by quality and size. However, with the new version, the image is uploaded in its original quality.

In WhatsApp Plus, the limit for sharing media is set at a default of 16MB and you can increase it up to 50MB. This is a big plus over the original WhatsApp version which had a limit of 12MB.

The older version of WhatsApp prompted you to refresh your contacts list to see if they have updated their status. This was boring and tiresome but with the new version, you do not have to refresh, as the status is displayed below the chat and when updated, the status automatically changes.

It is also possible to change the color of the WhatsApp icon from green to red, pink, blue, gray, cyan and even orange. This is all thanks to the new and improved version of WhatsApp. If you want to change it back to green, you can also do that easily.

It is possible to change the entire look of your chat screen, conversation screen and the main screen as well as contact icons. It is also possible to round-up the edges of the contact pictures – you can also modify the chat and contact headers and rows. In other words, it is possible to completely change the outlook of your WhatsApp, using the wide range of options available.

WhatsApp Plus also comes with a large number of themes for download which was hard to do with the original WhatsApp version. The new WhatsApp version also allows you to share locations, contacts and even voice messages.

Getting WhatsApp Plus

Getting the WhatsApp Plus into your Android device is easy. All you have to do is uninstall the old version of WhatsApp. Ensure you save a backup of the important chats. Download WhatsApp Plus into your Android device from online resources. This app is not yet available in app stores since it is still unofficial. It only takes a few minutes for the new app to install. Once complete, you can enjoy chatting with your friends on the new and improved WhatsApp plus.


Since this app is not official, it suffers stability issues in most devices. It can crash from time to time, which is the greatest downside of this app. Nonetheless, it is a worthy upgrade to have. Once this minor issue is fixed, WhatsApp Plus might become the next big thing.

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