Watch Dogs Mini Game Is Harder Than the Actual Game

Are you enjoying hacking into a world where nothing can miss your vision in Watch Dogs?

If you find yourself too comfortable and have already mastered the art of using your smart phone to break into places, you should check into the new territory. There isn’t one game, but so many mini games, integrated into the Ubisoft title, which aims to be a kind of futuristic Grand Theft Auto. You can’t complain, because the gangster open world game has been around for too long and if there is some competition, Rockstar might consider expanding their horizons as well.

Now, back to the actual story! Players were enjoying all the mini games that Watch Dogs had to offer, until they reached the drinking mini game which is like your worst nightmare come true. If you remember it even now, GTA 4 had a feature where if you get too drunk, the entire world will wobble and it will affect your driving skills as well. A similar thing happens to Aiden Pearce when he gets too drunk and he has to make sure the objective is achieved. You can try doing it with a controller’s analog stick. The goal is to successfully move it and click the key, as said in the corresponding circles, but the game will resist it, to impossible levels, sometimes driving you mad.

The Insane Difficulty

When it comes to difficulty, it should always be at balanced levels, because the entire objective of creating a game is to let people enjoy and not bash their head against the wall, out of frustration. If you try the drinking mini game in Watch Dogs, you might end up doing the latter more than the former, because of the insane difficulty level that it offers. While this mini game is tough by itself, if you try to play it on a PC with a mouse and keyboard, it frustrates anyone, as it is tougher than using an analog stick.

The content has led to evolution of so many threads in forums and it is one of the popular topics in the Reddit website, where players are asking others to give them tips to beat this game. Similar to what Flappy Birds did to people, some are enraged over the developers, for coming up with something so silly and annoying, that they want to cruelly torture them, before eventually killing them. “I don’t think I will be the only one plotting to murder these guys, but there should be plenty others who are equally frustrated as me,” said one gamer on a forum.

A Petition Is Up

Someone has already started a petition asking Ubisoft to avoid inconsistency when creating such mini games and claim that gamers would be happy if they took some steps to fix the issue in Watch Dogs. They also add that the Social Lubricant trophy achievement is too tough to win when compared to other mini games and has to be fixed to allow a better game play experience.

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