Adobe Flash Player 13 Now Comes with Upgraded Features

During the recent years, several people have been requesting Adobe to make its flash player compatible with Android tablets, smartphones and other devices.

Adobe eventually announced that their flash player can now efficiently run on Android based devices. However, to run the flash player on Android player devices, the user would have to make use of Puffin web browser, which is easily accessible in Google Play Store.

Adobe realized that updating software on smartphones could be annoying. Various applications are able to update themselves automatically, whereas others need to be updated manually. Commonly, benefits received from updates made to your apps are at times not worth the effort put in to install them. However, this is not the case with Adobe flash player. Adobe flash player is popular with the masses but is frequently forgotten. The flash player would not update it automatically to Adobe flash player 13. However, the effort made to update the latest version of the player is worth it.

Upgraded Features of Adobe Flash Player 13

  • Enhanced Additional Character Support for TextField

Characters from BMP (Basic Multilingual Plane), with Unicode points ranging between U+10000 to U+10FFFF, would now work suitably in the TextField controls. This upgrade has enlarged the code point range and would now easily include characters such as emoticons along with complex characters such as CCJK.

  • New 3D Texture-Wrapping Method

The new and updated version of the flash player would enable the developers to set texture wrapping method to either repeat or clamp. By making use of the repeat option, the texture would be repeated on both U and V axis. Nevertheless, you can also repeat the texture on either U or V axis respectively.

This has now been made possible by introducing two latest parameters:



  • New 3D Anti-Aliasing

Anti-Aliasing is put to use for enhancing apparent image quality. MSAA (Multisampling Anti-Aliasing) on hardware is now accessible to all desktop platforms.

One notable enhancement made to Adobe flash player 13, in comparison to its earlier released versions, is the latest streaming support. It is for HTTP streaming as the older versions of the Adobe flash player had encountered problems when streaming in HTTP. Those issues have been resolved effectively in the version 13 of Adobe flash player. This upgrade has enabled the users to switch between audio-to-audio/video streaming in a quick, smooth and trouble free manner. The flash player version 13 also features enhancements in browser compatibility.

Adobe flash player version 13 is free to download and use.


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