WWE 2K15 Gets First Screenshot on Xbox One and PS4

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The screenshot looks amazing, where John Cena gives a menacing stare, to this opponent Randy Orton and the details are simply something that would take a lot of words to describe.

But, if you can grab hold of the image and take a look at it, you will be surprised by the level of detail that the game developers have managed to attain, in the new generation consoles. Xbox One and Playstation 4 have been launched by their respective companies after almost seven years, with the best hardware available in the market. The in-game screens, of the upcoming wrestling game, easily glorify the power of these consoles, even though they do have some hiccups in rendering 1080p resolution for titles such as Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed.

It has been said that game developers are yet to understand the architecture of these new consoles, which is why they couldn’t utilize it to its maximum extent. As with all console generations, as years pass by, everyone will be well aware of the limits of the new hardware and games will get better in the next one year or so. Already, a slew of titles, including, Assassins Creed Unity, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and Alien Isolation are lined up for the platforms but sports titles such as the WWE 2K15 will definitely have a special place, as always.

The Cover Star

John Cena is the cover star for WWE 2K15 and he does look menacing in the newly released screenshot. He’s got all the elements of a wrestler and is one of the favorite, among fans, worldwide. Even though, wrestling is not full of craze, as it used to be, a decade ago, the sport has found itself a solid place in the console platform. You just can’t buy a new console without investing in FIFA 15 and a Wrestling title, which will most probably be WWE 2K15.

The ironical situation here is that this new in-game screenshot was released by John Cena himself on his Twitter account and it easily represents reveals how this sports game will look, on the next gen consoles. It is a work in progress image and the developers might come up with an even better output when the game gets released. It shows Cena staring at Randy Orton before a takedown or it is what we assume, seeing the image. It has not been confirmed whether the great looking screenshot was captured on Playstation 4 or Xbox One, but either way, it is known that the game may not look much different on these consoles, as both of them are capable of rendering it, in this quality.

Special Edition

WWE 2K15 is going to get a special edition, which features a collectible card personally signed by Hulk Hogan and a piece of the ring canvas of the same superstar’s Monday Night Raw match. It is the collector’s edition that is going to be really exclusive, as only 25000 units will be out for sale on October 28, when the game releases.

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