Waze – Special Navigation Features

Waze is a community based navigation app that comes packed with impressive features. Here, we will explore the key points that Waze has to offer to give you an idea about its versatility and use.

Wide Compatibility

We all want to have an app that is compatible on various platforms. Waze has been designed to be compatible on Android, iOS and even Windows platforms too. The developers make it a point to develop the new features on iOS, test it there and then offer the same on other platforms too.

Real Time Updates

This is the feature which sets Waze apart. Not only do you get direction updates, but at the same time, you synchronize with real people to get real time updates. You can get the details of the traffic on different streets along with other road conditions. Owing to this community based real time data, it becomes easier to choose the roads which will allow you to reach your destination timely.

Many a times, we rely on apps like Google maps for the sake of finding the right routes to take. While the routes to the destination may be correct, the time taken to reach can vary significantly. Google Maps does not shed any light on the exact traffic conditions. It is with the help of Waze that one can get glimpse of the exact traffic conditions and thereby make last minute changes as needed.

Reunions and Surprise Meetings Were Never So Easier Before

You can plan your surprise meetings and reunion parties much more easily. Feel free to check out the places to which your friends are heading. As Waze allows you to connect your social media profiles, you will be able to see the location of your friends.

This comes in ideal, for planning surprise meetings and hanging out. When you find a bunch of old friends hanging out at a place, you can join the party and have a blast.

Handling the Gas Prices

Tired of burning a hole in your pocket because of the increasing fuel cost? Waze can once again play the savior. You can locate the cheapest gas station on your route and Waze directions along with the active user community will guide you, in doing so. No doubt, it will help you save a great deal of money.

Save Your Maps

While Waze might offer you a flurry of interactive and innovative features, it is important to have the base navigation features intact. Waze makes sure that you are not going to face any trouble for simply navigating through the maps. You can edit the names of the roads, save the maps for later and do a whole lot more with the Waze app.

When Google decided to purchase Waze, despite having its own Google map, there were too many questions raised. However, given the huge amount of popularity which Waze enjoys and the increasing user base, it looks like Google did the smart thing.
If you love community based apps for travelling, Waze definitely tops the list with too many good features to offer.

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