GTA 5 for PS4: Will It Come Out This Year?

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is one of the top rated games that enjoys massive fan following. There are too many gamers who are always excited to play this game and thus there is a huge excitement among them to get their hands on the PS4 version.

Even after endless rounds of speculation, there is no official confirmation yet regarding the exact date when the PS4 version for GTA 5 will be released.

Why Is GTA So Popular?

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular series of games. The fan following of this series is particularly high and one can find endless reasons for liking this game.

Superb Graphics

If there is one thing that sets this game apart, it has to be the killer graphics. The efficiency of the graphics that is employed in this game is so spectacular that gamers are bound to be happy playing it. The cutting edge graphics bear the touch of reality and the impact it has will make you crave for more. GTA 5 broke all records as it became the fastest selling entertainment product. The developers made over $800 million USD on the first day itself and crossed the 1 billion mark in less than three days. While it has been extremely successful on PS3, people are now eagerly awaiting its big launch on PS4 and even the PC version as well.

Will GTA 5 For PS4 Come Out This Year?

It is still hard to tell if the PS4 version is going to come out this year. While there is a German company that released the option for pre-ordering of the PS4 version on its site and declared that the new version is going to be out very shortly, there are no official reports yet. The German company stated that the PS4 version should be out in May or June. However, this is certainly not so as there are no official reports that it has been released. As per some reports, the PC version may still be released as it might be on the cards. Launching the PC version does not need as much effort as that for a PlayStation console because there are more points that are to be borne in mind.

Right at the moment, it seems likely that gamers should patiently wait rather than get anxious because GTA 5 will still take time before announcing itself on PS4.

If the rumors of June 13th release date were true, there is a likelihood that people would have come to know about it pretty earlier. However, it is not so and this forces us to believe that there may still be some time before gamers can play GTA 5 on their beloved gaming console which is the PlayStation 4.

Will GTA 5 Be Successful?

Some gamers are wondering as to whether the PS4 version will be successful, now that GTA 5 is already available and running for PS3. While it is impossible to be fully sure beforehand, it does remain a fact that GTA 5 is one of those games that is sure to get gamers hooked.

There is a huge hype and buzz among people regarding the launch of the PS4 version and when the version is officially launched, the number of downloads that will occur on the first day itself is likely to be huge. To get the exact numbers, we will have to wait and watch. If you are a GTA fan and you absolutely love the GTA 5 game, expect at least one out of the PS4 or the PC version to be launched this year.

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