How to Win the Level 70 Challenge in Candy Crush Saga?

Success at last! Finally, you have reached level 70 in Candy Crush Saga.

Now, you may feel that you can overcome almost any obstacles in your way towards the finish line. This is where most of the players get stuck. Level 70 comes with the trickiest combination of jelly blocks and chocolates. If you do not play with a working strategy, you will eventually end up losing the level repeatedly with no improvements. A few secret ‘Level 70′ tricks have been revealed recently over the web. Take look at the most effective Level 70 strategies that will take you to the next level without any more retries.

Work on the Left

This level comes with two panels. The left panel is loose and you can make easy matches. The right panel comes with sticky chocolate and less opportunity for matching the candies. You should try looking for four matching combos. This will help you crush the candies in the right panel without touching them. Generate stripes matching four candies together and wipe out the sticky candies from the right. This is a simple trick to get rid of the initial frustration with the right pane candies. So, stick to the left panel and avoid going for basic three candies moves on the right. Do not waste a single move in this level, as you will only get 44 moves.

Keep the Chocolates Wrapped until a Great Move

When you clear one of two chocolates with a stripe, your chocolates will not get multiplied in the next move. Keep this in mind while making your moves towards the villainous chocolates in Candy Crush Saga. A single mistake with the chocolate will ruin the Level 70 board. Therefore, clear the jellies first and do not touch the chocolate until you have a clear board. It is best to clear some chocolates with combo moves and then clear them directly. You need to spend your moves wisely, as you have no room for wasting a move in Level 70.

Match the Candies Vertically

You need to stick to a definite candy-matching plan, here in Level 70. The best is of course vertical matches on the lower region of the board. You can create more free combos this way. More combos mean more smashing jellies and you can clear the board faster. Avoid the suggestion until you have only one move on the board. Suggestions in Candy Crush Saga are obvious and no expert minds are behind it. So do not follow the candy matching hints when you have found a great move below the board.

Play like a Chess Player

Professional chess players always think of future moves first and then decide their current move on the board. This Level requires expertise from you. Plan your moves ahead and try to touch your target moves one by one. The main objective should be generating more combos along the way as you spend your moves. There is no alternative to a combo move by which you can clear out jellies on a particular line.


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