Candy Crush Saga Review – Reasons Why It is Deliciously Addictive

Candy Crush Saga is one of the few games that have captured the imagination of fans across the globe.

The game is available on Android, iOS and on Facebook, where it can also be played online. When the game launched one year ago, most people actually ignored it. However, one year later, this game is at the top of the App charts.

The Secret of Its Appeal  

The novel monetization system used in this game is what makes the game appealing. This system rewards players by offering one life after half an hour until the lifeline is full – you get a maximum of five lives. This makes it possible for everyone to play the game for free. The challenges become tougher as one advances in levels, thus making it harder for people to sustain the five lives. Once a player runs out of lives, they can either wait for two and a half hours to get more lives or they can opt to purchase lives to continue play. The game also allows players to send out life requests to other players on Facebook. This makes it easy for the game to go viral on social media.

Ideally, the arbitrary time limits are meant to disrupt the game, but they also offer a fair deal to the player. This app gets millions of check-ins from players around the world, each day, with over 400 levels to play for free. All the player needs is patience and skill to make it through the 400 levels. The ability to play the game for free is what has makes Candy Crush Saga one of the most sought after game apps of all time.

The Game and Social Experiences    

Candy Crush Saga has also been created to offer great, personalized social experiences where players can share their progress with other players and non-players on Facebook. Also, a player is able to know how far other players have advanced since they can view the levels reached by different players on the game. That is not all – Candy Crush Saga also sets the atmosphere for competition, as it lists the scores reached by a player’s friends on each level. One is allowed to replay a level as many times as they wish to garner more stars and ultimately overthrow friends to become king of each destination.

The Levels on Candy Crush

The levels in this game vary greatly, so much so that it is impossible to guess what to expect in the next level. Some levels require players to sink ingredients to the bottom of the screen. Other levels require players to eliminate jelly tiles, while some levels will simply require players to garner a number of points in a given time frame. This manages to keep this game fresh and players going.


The Candy Crush Saga has managed to become the best game app, because the creators of this game got everything right. The speedy gameplay mechanics, cheery visuals and the overall balance are aspects that have made it possible for this game to become a great success. This is a game app that is a must have for anyone who seeks a few minutes of entertainment each day. It also promises to keep you glued to your phone or computer for a long time.

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