Adobe Flash Player 14 – Most Recent Flash Player by Adobe

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Adobe Flash Player 14 is the latest Flash player launched by Adobe.

Sticking to the reputation of releasing an updated version on a regular basis, Adobe has kept its promise with the release of Flash player 14. This new version of Flash player comprises of state of the art features.

The Adobe Flash player 14 works well with Mac, Linux and Android operating systems. The latest version of the Flash player consists of bug fixes that have effectively helped both the Mac and Windows users. However, a user making use of the Flash player 14 on any computer running on Windows, would require a minimum RAM of 512 MB along with 512 MB of graphic memory. The Adobe Flash player 14 released by Adobe is of version

How to Update to Adobe Flash Player 14

Users presently making use of Google Chrome or IE10 are not required to update their flash player to the latest Adobe Flash player 14. This is because these browsers already come equipped with Flash player that has the ability to update it automatically.

However, the same cannot be said for Safari or Mozilla Firefox users. Those making use of Safari or Firefox browsers are required to update the Flash player to the latest version manually. In case, the user makes use of Windows 8 or Windows RT, they would be provided with the notification of the latest released version of the Flash player that is ready to be installed on their device.

How to Install Flash Player 14

The installation of the latest version of the Flash player is quite easy. Adobe Flash player 14 should be downloaded from the official Adobe website only. Downloading the Flash player 14 is free of cost. There will appear a pop-up window and you will have to click the ‘save file’ option. Your computer will start downloading Flash player 14. You would receive a notification on commencement of Flash player 14 download. However, you should ensure that your internet connection works well before you start the installation process.


Adobe Flash player 14 assures the user protection from potential virus threats and hackers. Therefore, users would in no manner compromise their security while browsing through their favorite websites or watching videos, applications and files on the latest Flash player 14.

However, before installing the latest version of the Flash player, do keep in mind that certain features of Flash player 14 are still in testing phase. It may be a potential risk to significant servers of production systems.


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