GTA 5 Release Date – Was Rockstar Bribed to Stop PC and Next Gen?

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If you have to simply summarize where GTA 5 is not yet available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, you can say it in one word – marketing.

Some ardent gamers know that gaming companies make games to make money. Their goal is not to keep players happy all the time but rather make as much money out of a hit series as possible. In order to create such a great game, the best team should be deployed which will be there when a new IP is announced. It is the time when creative people can build their dreams and they managed to create some of the best in the industry including Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia, and Halo but once it becomes a franchise, things go awry.

Grand Theft Auto was a small indie game with a top down view that launched on PC – a platform the developers completely ignored and mistreated in the following years. Rockstar reached the position they are in now with GTA and Max Payne that changed things in their favor, but now they are like Electronics Arts, a company that focuses on micro transactions rather than creating quality games.

Exclusivity Is Important

The console history strongly reveals that exclusivity keeps them moving forward and usually any title that lands on PC will become generic. Microsoft or Sony may not be able to tout them when they are available in one more platform that is why they managed to convince (pay) Rockstar stop the title from reaching others, including Xbox One and PS4. The fact here is that even though, they are consoles from these very companies, the systems are relatively new and doesn’t have the potential yet to generate millions in sales revenue. There is speculation that Microsoft and Sony paid in millions to Rockstar to keep the game exclusive for a limited period. All of them definitely made it back because the game has sold over 33 million copies and has generated over 1 billion in revenue so far. From a marketing perspective, it is a win-win situation for them because when GTA 5 comes to PC and next gen eventually, a new stream of income will be ready to start flowing.

Next Gen is confirmed

Any sane company will never keep such an aggressive title such as GTA 5 within their exclusive platforms. Besides, Xbox One and PS4 are their own consoles which needs some new games that not only look better but has the potential to sell their machine. There is a chance that Rockstar may delay the PC version or it could be launched simultaneously. It is to be known how the marketing strategy will proceed from this point. Whether the developers were bribed or not is a frustrating period for gamers. They do not know if the title is set to be released or not! More information is expected to make its way to the public when the companies take the stage during the grand E3 2014 event that is slated to take place this June.

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