Prince of Persia Will Surprise You, Says Ubisoft

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Ubisoft reinvented the old classic with Prince of Persia Sands of Time that was one of the first games to use a graphics card and stuff like anti-aliasing, textures.

Their winning streak continued with PoP Warrior Within and Two Thrones. The trilogy is one of the cult classic in PC gaming history which also got released on Sony and Microsoft consoles. Even though, they made three more games in the series, they were not as popular as the original trilogy which paved way for Assassin’s Creed to grow as a franchise. The AC series has now reached a saturation point and Ubisoft can hardly do anything more with it. It’s the same revolutionary period where you are expected to kill key people but the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Unity is set to launch with a four player co-op mode which will be its unique sales point. The next sensible step is to move on to Prince of Persia. Gamers around the globe are eagerly awaiting an announcement and from what he spoke, E3 2015 might be the stage during which an official word will be shared by the company.

Not Cancelled, Just Postponed

A large group of the audience expected a new IP or a revived version of the best games from the past to be shown off during E3 2014. From that perspective, it was extremely disappointing to see that most games shown during the game were already known or had got leaked before the big reveal. Prince of Persia was expected to be part of the Ubisoft press conference but no such announcement took place. It led to a rumor that the company has cancelled the franchise and it may not surface again for the next couple of years. Ubisoft’s CEO Yves Guillemot spoke to the press after the conference and confirmed that the PoP series was indeed paused at the last moment.

The team of developers were keen on coming up with a new idea that should surprise people on the next gen platforms and wanted more time to shape it up. Even though, it has been kept on hold at the moment, the title is still under development and a formal announcement will be made during the right time. He said, “I think gamers will really like what they are shown in the future. It’s just that we need some more time to deliver what we want.”

Beyond Good & Evil Got Good Potential

While speaking about Prince of Persia, Yves from Ubisoft also confirmed that Beyond Good and Evil is a credible franchise. He added that the game has good potential and is an ideal candidate which will be rebooted when the right time comes. Based on his speech, it is confirmed that PoP series will be out, announced most probably next year while Good and Evil may not make it out anytime soon. The CEO added that he had dinner with the designer of Prince of Persia recently because he is a good friend of his.

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