Google Maps to Unveil Brand New Interface Soon

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Google is all set to unveil its new map interface for its Google Maps app.

The news is still under wraps and Google has refused to confirm it. However, the news is from trusted sources and it speaks about the new features that will come along with it. Google has completely redesigned the application and it is expected to be a hit as its preceding version. Google Maps is a must for smartphone and tablet users with many allied features. With this new upgrade, people will get more out of the application. Google fans are eagerly waiting for the new version to arrive.

Changes at a Glance

Google Maps is restyled from the basics. In this new update, there will be no sidebar. The map will flash location details on the pop-up menu that comes at the top of the full-screen view. This time, the map design focuses on the map and not on the navigational features like the zoom and direction arrow functions. Users will get another new feature; they can filter the location results of specific venues that have received top reviews on the Google+ circles. The interface is more immersive than the earlier one. It is also optimized for touchscreen devices.

Refreshing New Look

The Google Maps will have a whole new change in its look. Regular users will definitely spot the difference from the earlier version. The map is in full-screen format by nature with small thumbnails below. The search option is also changed and it can be managed through a widget on the upper-left screen. When you click the search option, the last three searches will automatically come up, provided that you are logged in to a Google account. You can search by entering the name of a specific location or use generic terms. As soon as you enter your search, the results will be shown as a point of interest. You will also get relevant search results according to the top reviews.

Business Info Card

In the new Google Maps app, clicking on a business location will show you a short detailed info card below the search widget. The address will be shown on the top of the info card. You can use the star icon in order to save the location if you wish to use it later. You can also find a street view icon on the card and you can easily use the photo icon to view more images of your search results. This new map has been redesigned to help the preferences you set for places.

Clearer Images Built for Photo Tours

There are other interesting features in this newly upgraded Google Maps. You will get to see crisp quality images with this new map update. You can click on the satellite-photo icon below the map to get the Google Earth view. The images now have a scrolling feature. So, you can scroll up and down to get your favorite photos of locations. You will also get Photo Sphere feature to get a 360 degree view inside a building. This new version has focused on photo tours and promises better directions.

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