Clash of Clans Tips and Cheats to Rule The Game

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So, you’ve joined Clash of Clans, but you don’t know much about this game? Don’t worry because today we’re going to give you some tips that will help you to get familiarized with this game.

Village layout

When you start creating buildings in your village, you will want to put them close together. This way, you will be able to defend more buildings that are in the range of your Cannons and Archer towers.

Moving buildings

Clash of Clans comes with a nice feature that allows you to move buildings after you create them without paying anything, and it can be done instantly. This feature will allow you to use different layouts and you’ll decide which one suits you better or it’s more efficient in defending your village.

Joining a Clan

Once you have enough gold storage buildings, just farm until you get 40.000 Gold and create your clan castle. Then you will be able to rebuild the Clan Castle. After that, you will be able to join a clan and raid with your clan mates. This will be interesting, and you will get more resources, but in the same time, you will have to make supplies with troops in order support each other.

Inviting friends to Clan

To be able to invite your Game Center or Facebook friends to the Clan, they need will have to play the game (obviously) and to be connected on Facebook or Game Center with their Clash of Clans account, and have rebuild their Clan Castle. If they do this, you will be able to see your friends in the Friends Menu, tap on their name and choose Invite. You can also invite players who write on global chat, by just tapping over their name and choose Invite.


While having the Shield active, other players cannot attack you for a period of time. However, if you attack a player while having your Shield active, it will be disabled. When your village is destroyed by an enemy, you will get a shield that will last for 12 hours. Using gems, you can also purchase shields that last longer. Keep in mind that even if you don’t have your Shield active while you’re offline and a player attacks you, he will not be able to take all your resources. You can defend your village using traps or other defensive buildings such as bombs, cannons or archer towers.

Free Gems

You will want to save the free gems as long as you want and buy with them Builder Huts, because they play a big role in the game. One Builder Hut means one builder that will do specific tasks for you such as: creating/upgrading a building, cutting trees or destroying stones. Having two Builder Huts means that you will be able to create or upgrade two buildings at a time, having 3 will allow you to create or upgrade three buildings at a time, etc. You can have 5 Builder Huts in total, and the first three can be bought using the Free Gems that you will get by completing specific achievements.

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