Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom – Comparing Specifications and Features

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo is out in the market.

The company released the smartphone in April 2014. The device is rumored to be the refreshed version of the Galaxy S III. The word is around that the device may not look different from the S III model released in 2012. It is also rumored that most of the features of the device are unchanged. However, the difference seems to be in the processor. However, more improvements are expected to mark the difference between the newly released Galaxy S3 Neo and the Galaxy S III.

However, here we are to review the differences between S3 Neo and the Galaxy S4 Zoom. The S4 Zoom is considered a camera first and then the smartphone. The 16MP camera with 10x optical zoom is a treat to have. However, whether Samsung successfully launched its camera phone or just managed to put a phone on the rear of a smartphone, is the question to ponder. For now, let us review the specifications and features of these two smartphones, Galaxy S3 Neo and the Galaxy S4 Zoom.


As stated earlier, the Galaxy S3 Neo design goes on the same line as that of the Galaxy S III smartphone. However, minor improvements have been made to the device. The smartphone is rumored to hold dual SIM slots.

In comparison, the Galaxy S4 Zoom is more of an S4 Mini front on and a compressed point and shoot camera at the rear. This is by far, the only description of the S4 Zoom design available now. The device is bulky at 15.4mm thickness. There is a massive protruding camera lens at the rear of the smartphone. This may cause a problem when working on the screen with one hand.

Display and Dimensions

The Galaxy S3 Neo is rumored to be incorporated with 4.8 inches Super AMOLED multi touchscreen with 720×1280 pixels resolution. The smartphone is rumored to be 136.6mm tall, 70.8mm wide and 8.6mm thick.

In comparison, the Galaxy S4 Zoom encompasses a 4.3 inches AMOLED touchscreen with 540×960 pixels resolution. The device is 125.5mm tall, 63.5mm wide and 15.4mm thick. The thickness is due to the bulging camera lens on the back.


The rumor goes that the S3 Neo would run on Android version 4.3 Jelly Bean OS. In comparison, the S4 Zoom runs on Android version 4.2.2 Jelly Bean OS.


The S3 Neo is believed to be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 1.2 quad core MHz Cortex A7 CPU along with Adreno305 GPU. On the other hand, the S4 Zoom is powered with a dual core 1.5 GHz Exynos 4212 CPU and Mali 400 GPU.

The S3 Neo is believed to offer 1.5GB of RAM in comparison to the internal memory of 8GB paired with 1.5GB of RAM of the S4 Zoom.


The Galaxy S3 Neo is believed to be priced at $399.99 whereas the Galaxy S4 Zoom is available at $374.99.

The Samsung smartphones, have always been, people’s friendly phones. They are not exorbitantly priced and offer state of the art features and specifications. With few pros and cons, the Samsung smartphones are making their way into the mobile market providing a tough competition to its rivals.


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