Chrome 35 Browser Released with Incredible Voice Search and Other Features

Recently, Google released its incredible pack of goodies with the Google chrome 35 Browser release.

Google 35 Chrome Browser rolls out its goodies for Windows, Linux and Macintosh.

Google OK

This most relevant user-targeted feature is the new ‘Google OK’ voice search, the identical feature which was released by Google Now Launcher in the KitKat edition. Google released this exclusive feature as part of Chrome Beta in the United States in the month of February and has since been working hard to release this globally. Google stated in its official release that Chromies avail the new voice feature and take the Google knowledge base for a good spin. This new feature lets the users search anything that they want with the voice-recognition program. It lets the users activate their search query and avail the results rather fast. Users will just have to go to and click on the microphone icon that is placed at the end of Google Search Bar to enable this search. The feature can also recognize the users’ search query of the question. Google Chrome users can also open a new tab and follow the same procedures to activate the search, which by default opens a Google Search Widget. Users can also assist in improving the feature by allowing the browser to send the recorded Google Audio to be sent a few seconds earlier prior to saying ‘ OK Google’.

The newer goodies also enable the users to Undo Tab Closure and more importantly full-screen video controls with subtitles viewing and HTML5 controls as well. It also provides a support for multi-window devices and bug fixing features. The ‘OK Google’ is also available in the new version of Chrome OS and with substituting the older microphone feature to just the voice the ‘OK Google’ to enable search query.

Other Goodies

Chrome OS has now been equipped to support folders, which in turn means that a user has the ability to sort the applications installed and added according to their personal specifications. Also, connect your microphone and click ‘Allow’ if your computer is connected to an external microphone device. After proper feedback and reviewing, Google has also updated it’s minimize button; resurrected the right or left tilting of the Window by pressing on the minimize button for longer. Also a new feature implementation is Captive portal Detection for signed-in sessions to enhance your browsing experience when having to move out of your network connection to other places like airports, café and libraries via the captive portal.

Hotwording, that is the new voice search, is available only in US English for its users.

Doesn’t matter If you are a Chromie or not, do check into these new goodies of Chrome to enhance and make you feel the filmy dramatic feature is on board already and also send us your reviews regarding the same.

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