Are You Ready for Flappy Bird to Fly Again?

Just a few weeks more and you will be tapping away on your device once again, as Flappy Bird is anticipated to make a comeback.

If you don’t know what we’re talking about, here’s what you’ve missed in the past several months. At the start of the year, a mobile app has created a lot of buzz by becoming an overnight success and has flown its way into the hearts of millions of people. This app, called Flappy Bird, quickly became the hottest app after it caught the attention of everyone.

What Was the Buzz About?

You know how many apps became a trending topic on social media because they’re loved by everyone who played the game? In Flappy Bird, it was the opposite story. Flappy Bird did manage to climb both the popularity chart and the top apps chart but mostly not because of positive reasons. One word of how frustrating it is to play and the word has immediately spread. Before anyone can say go, Flappy Bird was being downloaded, left, right and center.

So Simple yet So Frustrating

The game is not even that challenging to play. In fact, Flappy Bird has one of the simplest gameplays you could ever wish for in a popular game. All you have to do is help the bird pass through the spaces between the pipes by tapping on your screen. One gap passed is equivalent to one big point. If you think that’s simple enough, don’t forget that we added the word frustrating next to it. Flappy Bird is frustrating to play because it’s almost impossible to score more than 5 points.

Almost Impossible but Doable

We say almost impossible because there are players who can actually score hundreds of points in the game. These players obviously have a lot of free time to get frustrated. It usually takes a lot of practice before you get the hang of it, and by practice, we mean endless hours of nonstop playing. Flappy Bird was a game that was supposed to make its players relax but that just wasn’t happening.

Taken Down

Even the person who created Flappy Bird had had enough and he decided to delete the app from the App Store and Google Play Store. All those who weren’t able to download the game, couldn’t anymore, and those who deleted the app from their device won’t be able to get it back. Just hours after it was erased, hundreds of imitators popped up but they weren’t the same.


Just a little more waiting and you will experience Flappy Bird once again. The question is, are you ready? Dong Nguyen, its creator, has promised that it will make an appearance again, bringing with it changes that will make the game “less addictive”. It was also reported that the new Flappy Bird will have multiplayer feature, another reason to get excited about. With the promise of changes and just for the sole reason to stop the imitators, we’re definitely excited and ready to see Flappy Bird fly again. Let’s just hope that this time it won’t make us want to throw our gadget across the room.

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