iPhone 5S vs. Samsung Galaxy S5 – Design and Display Compared

For those searching the market to purchase a smartphone, chances are they would end up choosing between Samsung and Apple products.

These two companies have dominated the mobile world with their state of the art smartphones. At present, iPhone 5S and the Galaxy S5 are flagship smartphones from Apple and Samsung respectively. In order to determine the best smartphone between these two smartphones, one has to compare the two, for their features and specs.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 packs a punch with its distinctive features. The S5 comes equipped with a heart rate monitor and an in-built fingerprint sensor. In addition, the S5 comes with a larger display as compared to the iPhone 5S smartphone. The S5 smartphone offers a water resistant feature to the potential user, which is missing in the iPhone 5S. However, the iPhone 5S offers unique features such as fingerprint scanner, superior camera with more pixels and the first ever 64-bit processor.

Let us compare the two smartphones, in terms of their design and display.


Both the iPhone 5S and the Galaxy S5 are different from each other in terms of their design. The Galaxy S5 is a big chunk of plastic with delicate and dotted pattern. In comparison, the iPhone 5S is a beautifully crafted amalgamation of metal and glass. The aluminium case of the iPhone comes with polished edges catering the smartphone with a premium look. Apparently, the iPhone 5S wins the design comparison, with its aesthetic look.

Moreover, the iPhone 5S is significantly much smaller and lighter with dimensions measuring 4.9×2.3×0.3 inches and 4 ounces respectively. In comparison, the S5 measures 5.3×2.9×0.25 inches and weighs 5.1 ounces. The larger display of the S5, which is around 5.1 inches, makes the device incompatible for single hand operations.

Regardless, the S5 comes with additional features, such as, water resistant body and removable rear panel. However, the flap on the charging port comes in the way, when charging the smartphone, but it is more of a safety feature than a disappointment.


When comparing the screen of the iPhone 5S and the Galaxy S5 smartphones, two major considerations are to be kept in mind – size and quality.

In terms of size, Samsung would win comfortably with a 5.1 inch screen beating the 4-inch screen of the iPhone 5S. The large size screen comes handy when viewing photos, videos and browsing the net. Moreover, the iPhone 5S appears petty and dated in comparison to the Galaxy S5 smartphone.

In terms of quality, both the 5S and the S5 excel in their respective manners. Apple iPhone 5S offers accurate colors. Similar is the case with the Galaxy S5 smartphone, but the iPhone scores a tad better. However, the Samsung Galaxy S5 leads the way in terms of color saturation, with vibrant and richer colors as compared to the iPhone 5S viewing experience. In addition, both these smartphones offer similar brightness. On comparing the light meter, the Samsung Galaxy S5 scored 493-lux in comparison to the 500-lux scored by the Apple iPhone 5S smartphone.

The display feature of Apple iPhone 5S is among the best in the smartphone market, but the Galaxy S5 offers a bigger and bolder display too.


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