Samsung Galaxy Gear – Features and Price Revealed

Samsung Electronics has always remained a step ahead of other manufacturers when it comes to providing various products related to its smartphone.

The release of Samsung Galaxy Gear, the smartwatch one, is all set to take the mobile market by a storm. The gadget is very interesting, as it comprises of the eternal functions of a watch along with various features of a smartphone.

Before we start, it would be worth mentioning here that the device can only be used with Galaxy Note 3. However, Samsung Electronics is working on software updates that would enable the Galaxy Gear to function with Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S4.


The Galaxy Gear has been designed to present a sophisticated and pleasant feeling. It is made of robust plastic material with the front comprising of stainless steel casing. The thick plastic strap is adjustable and fits all sizes. The gadget is big in size but has been beautifully designed. The device comes equipped with a camera and speakers. The Galaxy Gear is not water resistant and hence one has to be careful with it.


The Galaxy Gear comes with a 1.63 inches 320 x 320 Super AMOLED screen. The screen size has perfect resolutions and it is pretty detailed for its size. However, the display may not function as perfectly in the outdoor in bright sunlight. The screen is protected from scratches with a covering of sapphire glass.

Interface and Functionality

The Galaxy Gear runs on Android based software. The device is simple to use and navigation is easy on the device. Overall, no huge learning curves come with the device. Galaxy Gear has some great features such as locating Note 3 through ‘Find my device’ feature. The gadget comes with a plethora of neat and smart features to lure the potential buyer.

Processor and Memory

The device is powered by an 800MHz single core processor paired with a RAM of 512MB. Galaxy Gear is a smooth performer. Despite there being some issues with its touchscreen, the device is overall responsive.

The Galaxy Gear has an internal storage capacity of 4GB. It is enough to store videos and photos with ease. However, music is not stored in the Galaxy Gear making the storage capacity plentiful.


The gadget comes equipped with a 1.9MP camera having a resolution of 1392 x 1392 pixels and 1:1 aspect ratio.


The device has a small sized 315-mAh battery with a solid one-day battery life.

The Galaxy Gear comes at a price of $300 that is exorbitant, considering that you have to own a Samsung Note 3 to make the gadget functional.


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