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Viber is a free voice-calling platform for your mobile phone and it is easy to install the app in your phone.

It is a very interesting and useful application, but the catch in this service is that you need plenty of other users in your contact list to make it really useful. It is a VoIP app developed by Viber Media for smartphones. It is available for Android as well as for the Mac OS, BlackBerry OS, the iOS, Symbian and Windows Phone and so on.

Viber is a free calling and message application for both the Android and the iOS, allowing you to make free calls or send text messages to your contacts that have Viber installed on their device. You can also send messages and call other numbers of those who don’t have Viber installed on their phones, but this is not a free call. The greatest advantage is that it allows the user to cut down on expensive voice call plans. Viber was first launched on the iPhone and later on Android phones as well.


Viber has a simple and clean interface, with buttons at the bottom for messages, recent contacts and a keypad. The ‘Recents’ button shows you your recent calls as well as missed calls. Contacts show you all Viber contacts as well as contacts from your phone address book, along with favorites. With More Button, you can invite other friends to Viber as well as make adjustments to the settings, such as automatic saving of photographs or videos to the Camera on the phone or for turning off the notifications.

Setting up Viber on iOS

Viber on the iOS not only allows calls and instant messaging but also updates for profile status and other features. You can visit the App Store to download Viber for the iOS and then continue to set up your page. When asked for your mobile number, it is better to use your current number on the device, as the app will send you an SMS with a verification number. Review your mobile number in the verification window on your phone and then tap OK for proceeding to the app. Enter your access code in the box and enter the application. After entering the app for the first time, you will be asked for permission to access your contacts, so you can click on OK to be able to contact others who have registered with Viber on their device. You can also sign up for the service through Facebook and then continue.

Next, you will be able to view all your contacts with those having Viber being highlighted. All you need to do to connect is to tap on the name or the photographs. They layout is similar to the iOS contact interface, so there is no problem adjusting to the menu. Once you click on the name or the photo, you will get the option of making a call or sending text. You can also select some contacts to form a favorites list.

Pros and Cons

Some of the major advantages of using Viber are that you can get a free alternative for calling friends and contacts, which you would otherwise have to pay for. You can also send group messages, images and updates or status, offering an additional dimension to the application. You don’t need to register and the setting up process is simple and fast. The user base is quite big, so it is very likely that many of your contacts already have Viber installed. It is easy to use and you can send videos or photos as well as emoticons and stickers.

However, the cons are that both the parties must have the application otherwise the call is not a free one. In addition, the Internet connection must be of a good quality.

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