The Sims 4 Unique Features Revealed AT E3 2014

Even though, the franchise is nearly 14 years old now, it hasn’t lost its charm and sheen.

The game continues its good run and the Sims 4 is all set to get launched on PC this September. The title has a whole lot of unique features which will definitely make the franchise even more popular among ardent fans who are looking forward to it for over a year now. The new Gallery, Sims customization options and emotions will be some of the most notable features that Maxis is bringing to the table.

The Gallery

The Gallery is one of the biggest updates that the game received which will finally allow players to get new content. You don’t have to leave the game in order to download new content, because this new interface is actually a browser integrated into the game. It will make it easier to browse for any specific content that you are looking for and download it into the game. For example, if you come across a pre-designed room that you would want to add to the existing house, just select it and the content will be available in-game. The advantage is that it considerably saves the time spent in logging out of the game, choosing your favorite content and bringing it back into the virtual world. The in-built browser now makes sure that every player has a seamless experience where they continue gaming without any pause, yet have the freedom to easily browse through whatever they love so as to get it. It is not only the best one around, but the Sims customization feature is equally impressive as well.

Sims Customization

Without a doubt, the Sims 4 is a next gen title that looks visually impressive and the Sims customization feature has been tweaked to the best possible extent. You no longer create people that hardly resemble an actual human. You will have all the freedom with your own personality or other people in the neighborhood. It will allow you to even make someone who closely resembles a friend or a colleague so that they can live right beside your virtual house. The experience is highly immersive and will allow you to virtually build your own world where you are the boss. But, as with every Sims game, there will be plenty of hurdles to cross, before you could become a known personality in the world you created. The customization system now uses easy push-and-pull features so that you can make your Sim fat, slim, tall or rounded within a second. It is designed to be friendly with touch screen interfaces so that if you own a touch friendly monitor, you can do it directly without having to rely on a mouse.


The Sims 4 will allow you to encourage your friend to work out more in the gym. Such is the level of realism the developers incorporated where emotions matter and it will reflect in the body language of your sim. It is not only you but other characters will have plenty of emotions to share as well.

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