Minecraft Xbox One Release Date Is Closer, TU14 Submitted for Certification

The buzzing news is that tu14 update for Minecraft is ready and it will soon find its way to the Xbox 360 console.

The news, without a doubt is amazing for next gen console owners because they can now bet that Minecraft Xbox One will get a release date soon. The developers 4J Studios are simultaneously working on multiple console versions at the same time and handling so many platforms is not an easy task. The y are doing it well till date and it is a given that once tu14 gets released, the entire team can move onto the Xbone version.

The company announced that it could be weeks before the update finally lands in the older generation console. Contrary to their claim that was made only two weeks back, they have announced in Twitter that the update has now been submitted to Microsoft for certificate testing process. It is now Microsoft’s turn to complete the verification as soon as possible and release it for their console. The route is now clear for 4J Studios to focus on Xbox One version and it will definitely help in pushing the release date earlier.

Xbox One Edition May Launch First

There is a speculation that Minecraft Xbox One will release earlier while PS4 version will get delayed. The claim is made based on the earlier release dates where the Microsoft console got the game nearly a year ago before it finally made its way to the Sony platform. Just a couple of days ago, 4J Studios released a city texture pack for Xbox 360 while PS3 will get it only with the 1.04 update. Such delays suggest that Xbox One will be the first console to receive the Minecraft game but ardent fans have an entirely different story to tell.

They suggest that the one-year delay was because 4J Studios had an exclusive deal with Microsoft. Some others claim it is not because of exclusivity but the development team Majong wanted to see how well the game performs on console platforms before making a step. Either way, be it a simultaneous release with PS4 or if it comes earlier, it is confirmed that Minecraft for Xbox One will be making its way to store shelves first. The X86 PC architecture used in the console will help in the porting process, according to technical analysts.

Exciting TU14 Features

In their twitter account, 4J Studios confirmed that the title update 14 is ready and submitted for certificate testing to Microsoft. They submitted a link to the official forums where a big list of features confirmed for the update has been listed. You can check it out to know more about the upcoming features that are exciting and will definitely be a welcome addition to the game. Sources confirmed that Minecraft Xbox One would launch directly with TU14 incorporated into it and there will not be any waiting associated with it. Some notable features that will be introduced with the update include teleportation, invisibility, trading with NPC villagers, anvil interface, and ability to dye collars, armor among others.

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