Nexus 5 – Make It Powerful By Following These Tips

If you are newbie in terms of Android customization, you might get a little bit “scared” when you’re thinking about overclock, root or switching ROMs on your Nexus 5. However, if you want to make just some superficial changes, follow the steps listed below.

1. Install a new launcher

There are many alternative Android launchers and they are the easiest and quickest way to give a total new look to your phone. Two of the most used free launchers are Apex and Nova, you should try one of them.

2. Icon Pack

Many icon packs will cost you money, but why not take some that are awesome and totally free? However, you will not get a custom icon for every application from your Nexus 5, but you will have enough of icons for many applications.

3. Install a Theme

Likewise icon packs, installing a Theme on your phone will take a few seconds and to install it you will just need to tap a button. We suggest you to change the Theme of your phone at least once a month, so this way you won’t get bored of your Nexus 5 too soon.

4. Get a Wallpaper

There are millions of wallpapers apps that can be bought from the PlayStore. These applications can change your wallpaper everyday, so this way you will start a new day with new wallpaper. If you don’t want to use these kinds of applications, you can check some HD wallpapers. Did we mention that the wallpapers from that website are free?

5. Change “stock” applications

You can change some stock applications from your Nexus 5, such as WhatsApp or Dialler. For example, you can use Dialer+ for a cooler interface. If you are bored of your WhatsAPp’s interface, you can install WhatsApp+ which will add some color to your messages. If you don’t like how a program looks like on your Nexus 5, you should always look out for an alternative on Play Store.

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