Top 5 Best 2014 Android Games

Today we going to give you a list of the five most played new games for android which, we think, they are worth a try. Android games are getting better and better and they create addiction, so if you have a lot of free time, then you can fill it by playing your favorite games.


Threes is a puzzle game with a cool soundtrack. Players who are good with numbers will find this game very interesting.

The player must match numbers in order for them to add up. As an example, number 3 plus number 3 equals number 6, and from there we need to match 6 with 6 to create 12 and so on. The game ends when the player can’t make any more moves. This game costs only 1.99$ on Google Play’s online store.

Cut the Rope 2

Cute the Rope 2 is not that new. It’s just a newer version of the Om Nom’s adventure games. Players must cut the ropes, “pop” the balloons at the right time in order to get the candy to a little “monster”. This application is free to download from the Google Play Store.

Out There

This is one of most addictive game and it will make your time fly while playing it. In this game, planet earth is getting out of resources and an astronaut is sent out in the space to find some resources for it. However, he gets lost in space and his mission changes to “getting back to earth alive”. But since he’s out of resources for the ship to get back to earth, our character needs to travel in space in order to gather the required resources, to repair and install new upgrades to the ship, so he can make his way back to earth.

This game frustrates most of the players because you can always die, being killed by monsters you meet on every planet you step on, or because you run out of resources such as fuel or oxygen. Out There can be bough from Google Play Store for the price of 5 dollars.

AirFighters Pro

AirFighters Pro is a flight simulation game already being considered as one of the best flight simulation games ever made for Android. The game comes with high detailed world, airports and where players can land their plane, or take off. We recommend you to go through the game’s tutorial so you can understand the basic instructions of flying a plane, and after that you can start opting for missions. This nice game costs $4.99 on Google Play store.

Smash Hit

This game is about throwing balls at glass pyramids or obstacles that stand in your way, and some buttons you need to hit with your balls in order to open a steel door. You gain balls when you successfully hit glasses, or obstacles, but you also lose balls when you get hit by obstacles. The game ends when you are out of balls. Smash Hit is a free to play game that can be downloaded from Google Play store.

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