Asus Transformer Book V – Top Phone-tablet-laptop Hybrid

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Asus is going to release Asus Transformer Book V, a gadget that is a combination between a phone (with a 5-inch screen), a tablet (with a 12.5-inch screen), and a keyboard that can transform the device into an Android phone/tablet/laptop or a Windows tablet/laptop thanks to its dual operating system.

Asus’ latest revelation will amaze the future owners of the Transformer Book V. This device has Android hardware and software incorporated in the phone, and Windows hardware and software incorporated in the tablet.

If you study its exterior, you’ll notice that it looks like a combination between a bigger Transformer Book T100 Windows tablet and a Padfone, but the 12.5-inch tablet and the 5-inch phone operate independently: the phone runs on the Android 4.4 and ASUS’s Zen UI, and the tablet boots into Windows 8.1 The keyboard can be attached to the tablet and is equipped with two USB ports and an internal hard drive with the capacity of 1 TB.

The phone can be tucked in a docking port that it’s located on the back of the 12.5-inch tablet. When you slide it there, the tablet is turned on automatically, and the Windows desktop will show the phone’s user interface in another window, but you’ll be able to control it from your Windows. You’ll be able to move files from the tablet to the phone and vice versa with help of the keyboard. When you hit a button on the keyboard or when you tap a toggle in the software, you can turn your device into an Android tablet/laptop.

The phone is powered by an Intel quad-core Moorefield processor, while the tablet has a low resolution, of 1366×768 pixels, and under its hood, it has an Intel quad-core Atom processor.

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