Minecraft New Character Model Features Three Pixel Arms

While this cannot be considered as a major upgrade to character models in Minecraft; some players opine that a three pixel arm will help female models could look more like females and it could also lead to some good improvements in the near future.

The original news was revealed by developer Jeb Bergenstein, who took to Twitter, as usual and announced that players may soon have the ability to opt for three pixel wide arms for their characters, which will be much slimmer while providing a more sophisticated finish to the models.

The developer didn’t spend much time on the social networking platform to explain as to why anyone would want such a minor upgrade. Besides, as the upcoming feature is entirely optional and requires the settings to be manually changed by the player, in order for them to change their character model. The standard arm is of four pixels and the rest of the character models will remain the same, even when the arm pixel gets changed. Some opine that this might make the game characters look weird; but others have a different notion about it. They have shared their views in the forums, where female gamers say that it will make female characters in Minecraft PC, look original because of the changed arm length.

The Developer Statement

Jeb Begenstein in his Twitter message said, “Testing a possible feature for the future, an optional three pixel model arm for players.” In his statement he added that it will be optional and can be customized through the user profile. If you are interested in knowing more about this new update, the developer has posted a series of pictures in his imgur account. You should be able to easily find the links on any forums or by now it should be quite popular on the Reddit Minecraft PC page where all latest updates usually get posted within minutes of the official announcement. Even though, this is such a minor update, it is great to see that the developer community at Mojang and 4J Studios has always been supporting the title ever since its launch. The original on PC game came out almost five years ago, in an Alpha stage, while 4J stepped into bear the brunt of creating the game on all console platforms. They have been doing a great job so far with the Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions, all set, to get launched soon.

Users Support Three Pixels

While the original developer of Minecraft didn’t have any solid explanation for the update, some random user named Xilefian in the Minecraft PC forum says that the change could finally make female models look like females. He adds saying that opening additional options for skins is a good thing and this is one option that skin creators were looking forward to have, for a long time. Some also say that it will not only help female skins, but will be an asset for male skins as well, when it comes to creating more customization options.

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