XBox One – The Best among the Upcoming Gaming Technologies

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XBox One is a next generation gaming console which is the brainchild of Microsoft and aims to take the gaming revolution to an entirely different platform.

Announced in mid 2013, the console hit American and European markets by the end of 2013 and would be available in other countries by September 2014. The company has great hopes from the product and is hopeful that it would firmly position the company in the gaming console market, which is increasing in size and the number of users every year. The XBox One will compete directly with other well established gaming consoles in the market namely Sony’s Play Station 4 and Nintendo’s Wii U, which have already made a mark, for themselves in this segment by offering quality products.

The XBox One is the third in the XBox family and is the most advanced and powerful gaming console, according to the makers. It integrates a variety of features along with exceptional graphics and gaming capabilities that make it different from all other similar products in the market. The XBox One has high tech attributes and top technological features that make it a gamer’s delight. The main features have been listed below; these make XBox One a must have for any gaming enthusiast.

Top Tech Features

The Xbox is a monster in disguise. It comprises an AMD processor, the best gaming processor in the market, based on x86 architecture. It can be coupled with the existing box of the television and it enhances the entertainment quotient by adding better technology to the set. It can also be used for split screen multitasking, for simultaneously viewing TV and playing games. There is the Kinect Motion sensor which is an adaptation from the previous XBox, but is more improved and more sensitive. It allows the players to actually feel what they are playing, whether it is sports or action games. The console has Skype integration so that users can use Skype directly over the Wi-Fi connection and entirely hands free. It can be used for teleconferencing, face password recognition or normal photo capturing for social media uploads. Furthermore, the device offers direct access to cloud computing platforms, social networking sites, record, play and share videos from game play and all time support for all the games. All these features are available in just one device. Though it is difficult to imagine, the technology giant Microsoft has successfully incorporated them into the latest XBox One.

A Plethora of Games

The XBox One is a technological wonder and hence not every game can run on this monstrous device. Some games have been launched which are compatible only with this device and hence they showcase excellent graphics and handling. The positive of having exclusive games is that only licensed games can be run and hence there is no risk of piracy or viruses. Plus, the user interface is simple and any one can easily use the console.

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