Batman Arkham Knight – Red Hood DLC Joins the Party

Let’s face it; despite a lot of effort on their part, GameStop, haven’t been able to deliver a punch, with their Batman Arkham Knight.

The game, which was much anticipated right around the hype that it could be the next Batman and Superman movie, could have been a show stopper, but it wasn’t. Now, GameStop is doing all it takes, to revive flagging interest in the franchise, by introducing interesting downloadable content. Starting with Red Hood, another notorious vigilante, the upcoming lineup of DLC for the game should definitely create some ripples.

The Importance of DLC

GameStop, after a lot of speculation, have finally confirmed the availability of Batman Arkham Knight’s Red Hood DLC. The announcement was made on 22 July, along with a highly pixelated graphic, on their Twitter feed. From the graphic, one can make out the red capped vigilante hero springing into action. This new development is not only interesting because of the addition of a new superhero to the game, but also because of the intrigue it adds to the story. With Red Hood joining in the action, GameStop may be dropping a hint at the real identity of the Arkham Knight, who has so far remained shrouded in mystery.

Red Hood

Though a vigilante, Red Hood is the antithesis of all that Batman signifies. He is a murderous hero, who is ruthless in his quest for justice. Unlike Batman, who goes after the bad guys and leaves the innocent alone, Red Hood does not care about the methods he uses or who stand in his way. Unlike Batman, who turns in his criminals over to the justice system, Red Hood doesn’t hesitate doling out his own brand of justice. For years, The Red Hood has been a less known character in the Batman universe. The merciless vigilante is best known for being the vehicle for the creation of one of Batman’s most difficult nemesis – the Joker. Jason Todd, who finally wears the mantle of Red Hood, only vaguely resembles Batman; in that, he also tries to uphold justice and peace. Though his means are not always the most peaceful, he is a vigilante hero in his own right and one who has quite an ardent, though small, following.

What to Expect from the DLC?

Red Hood is a violent addition to Batman Arkham Knight. In the game, the vigilante is introduced as a playable character. However, you get this DLC only if you decide to pre-order this game. Your local GameStop shop, retailer or distributor will let you book your pre-orders. The story pack has very exclusive content, which will only be shared with a select few. So if you want to play as the ruthless vigilante in this game, you will have to mosey up and pay some extra cash to pre-order the game, before the game hits the shelves. There is a significant chance you have to take here, because the initial reviews of the game and the expected content have not won any applause. The game has already been delayed quite a lot. So expect it sometime in 2015 and meanwhile, pre-order the game to enjoy the exclusive DLC when it finally reaches you.

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