Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs HTC One M8 – What Do You Really Want?

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It is definitely challenging to decide on the right smartphone today.

Every major player in this industry comes up with numerous innovations on a yearly basis. Major manufacturers fight each other on the millions of potential customers. With all these, identifying your necessities is clearly the answer. Plus, a brief comparison between Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs HTC One M8 can provide a lot of valuable ideas. Both smartphones are among the dominating models in 2014. They come from Asia and have obviously underlined their ambition to dominate the market.

Design changes and expectations

As a general rule of thumb, HTC has always been known for simplicity, sleek designs and elegance. The One M8 model sticks to the same rule. It comes with a metallic case, as well as a few interesting curves. On a different note, Samsung smartphones have mostly focused on innovative features and killer specifications. The two designs are relatively close one to another, as well as the specifications. In other words, making a final decision can be quite confusing. All in all, it is said that Samsung might try to adopt some of the curves promoted in other smartphones, only to draw some positive attention as well. However, only time can tell if such changes will be implemented.

How about the actual processor?

Aside from the design, the processor can also make the difference among picky and pretentious users. It is worth noting that HTC One M8 comes with a powerful quad core processor of 2.3GHz – Snapdragon 801. It comes with 2GB of RAM. Such a processor is more than enough for most of your needs, regardless of your necessities. Whether you use the gadget to browse the Internet, chat with your friends, play the latest games or support a lot of applications, the response time is pretty fast. Multitasking possibilities are also available, while the energy efficiency is taken to the next level.

On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with an octa core processor from Qualcomm. The chip set comes with 64 bits. Such a processor will most likely take this industry to the next level. The smartphone will become a benchmark. The experience is profound, fast and deep. The transmission is almost instant, so commands become exquisite. From some points of view, this might be the aspect that can make the main difference in comparing Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs HTC One M8.

Becoming familiar with the display requirements

With 4.7 inches in diagonal, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has a maximum resolution of 2560×1440 pixels. The QHD AMOLED screen has an exquisite density of 517ppi. The QHD technology fits large screens like a glove, so the users will most likely benefit from a top notch experience. The screen contents are intuitive and easy to deal with.

HTC One M8 has decided to impress its customers too. Its screen spreads over 5 inches in diagonal. The resolution goes up to 1080×1920 pixels. While such specifications are very qualitative, the truth is that the display is a little inferior to Samsung’s new gadget. Obviously, the details might seem insignificant for someone who gets such a smartphone for the first time. But then, avid and experienced users can notice the changes.

In conclusion…

As a short final conclusion, it might be tough to come up with a precise comparison between Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs HTC One M8. Each smartphone has its own pluses. It is obvious that HTC draws most of the attention through its innovative design. Samsung focuses on performance. It is up to you to decide what you want. However, the differences are not too high.

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