Adobe Flash Player 12 – Offering a Seamless Experience

Updating Versions

Adobe Flash Player offers rich web content for all browsers and platforms, giving users a seamless experience. Graphics and animation along with user interface and designs are deployed with high quality of video streaming. Adobe Flash Player 12 was released recently, along with the Adobe AIR 4.0 and the Internet Explorer. The latest version has been updated in order to be more relevant to the advances in web technologies and developments in software. With such advances in software and technology, it is important for developers and users to constantly update the versions, so that hackers can be kept away from our work or experience.

Browser Requirements

The Adobe Flash Player 12 can function in any of these browsers, such as Chrome from Google; Internet Explorer of 7.0 version or higher; Firefox 4.0 or more; and Opera 11.

New Features

The new Adobe Flash Player 12 offers users the option for getting automatic updates. When the user connects his device to the Internet, the flash player will automatically update the latest version in the background, whenever a new update is available. This is done in the background, as long as the device is connected to the Internet and there is no need of any manual intervention.

The new version of Adobe Flash Player enables seamless navigation among the various OS on smartphones, tablets and PCs along with even regular phone devices other than smartphones.

The new version also offers many fixes for bugs and other issues that users had experienced with the Adobe Flash Player 11. There are no more crashes in the browsers while using the latest version.

Gaming experience has also been enhanced through the new version of Adobe Flash Player. Stage 3D is able to take the maximum advantage in the viewing and the gaming experiences. The rendering abilities of 2D as well as 3D have been compounded with the new version. Moreover, the new version of the Flash Player allows streaming over several devices, such as desktops, mobile devices and tablets. Files and other media applications are also streamed at a much better speed when you compare it with the efficiency of the previous version, the Flash Player 11.

The latest version also offers support for content protection in case of Android devices along with iOS and Blackberry devices. This protection includes support for rotation and domain along with filtering of device and V3 license chaining.

Compatibility and Support

The Adobe Flash Player 12 is not compatible with the 8 and 8.1 version of Windows. However, in case of Windows 8, the Flash Player is included in the operating system. In case of the Safari Browser, the Flash Player 12 offers support in the Safe Mode. Those users with Chrome browsers can take advantage of the fact that the latest version of the Flash Player comes built in with Google Chrome browser.

Benefits for Developers

Apart from providing a seamless experience to users, the new Adobe Flash Player 12 also offers a lot to developers. Developers will appreciate the various significant features present in the new Flash Player. There is, for example, an enhanced packaging engine in case of iOS apps; it also offers support for the Android version 4.4 KitKat in the AIR platform; a new feature, known as the Android Workers feature, has been added to the AIR 4.0 platform. The latest version also offers support for the Mac, by way of the .pkg file introduced in the 3.9 version, with these files being deployable on a bigger scale. All previous security concerns and bugs have also been addressed in the latest version.

The latest Adobe Flash Player 12 can now be downloaded for Windows as well as Mac desktops. The is available for Internet Explorer desktops running Windows 7 and below, whereas Windows 8 users can get the updates directly through their OS.

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