GTA 5 Online Gets San Andreas Flight School Update

GTA Online, the multi-player component of the immensely popular open world action shooter GTA 5, has received another amazing downloadable content update, titled the San Andreas Flight School update.

The name doesn’t need any explanation because you can already assume that it is going to be all about flying. Players are going to have a great time competing in aerial races, combats and bringing down their opponents with their unique flying skills. Launched on August 19 on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 platforms, the new DLC brings in a slew of new jets and helicopters besides a wide range of new land vehicles as well.

The helicopters can be used to compete in aerial solo challenges whereas for increased safety and added style you will also be provided with a newly designed parachute. The parachutes in this new content will have designs inspired by the flags from different countries including the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany and maybe another Air Force attire which can add that coveted pilot style to your character.

Reveal Trailer

The reveal trailer is all about enticing you into being part of the San Andreas Flight School, because they say that girls love men in uniforms. Everything is going to be virtual but it’s really fun to be part of a flight club where you can drive F1 jets as well as a helicopter. The fun looks unlimited in the trailer and by now players would have already started posting information on what they are doing with their new found airplanes.

Rockstar has also confirmed that many features found in this downloadable content have been kept secret so far and they will be revealed as days pass, presumably to offer more interesting stuff to meddle with. Apart from the DLC, GTA Online for GTA 5 also received some changes. The developers at Rockstar have increased the reward quantity when you successfully complete difficult missions and there is also bonus in-game currency for every player who takes part in missions while teaming with other players.

Online Heists Not Here Yet

While San Andreas Flight School does look promising, GTA 5 lovers have been eagerly expecting the Online Heists DLC which has been pending for a long time. It was said to be slated for a spring release but for some unsaid reason, the studio decided to postpone it and we are almost reaching the Holiday season now with only a couple of months to go. Rockstar says that they are spending more time on it to make some good changes and make it worthwhile to cope up with the high anticipation levels. There is also an expansion pack for the single player mode of the game, which has no updates so far. Seeing the team busy focusing on releasing the game for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC, we assume that many of these updates could be postponed to early 2015 as they are supposed to deliver the game to the new Gen console owners on priority.

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