Humble Bundle For 2K Games Gets You Bioshock, XCom and More for $20

The deal is simply too good to miss especially if you haven’t purchased any of the games in the list.

Even if you own some of them already, purchasing them for $1 or higher wouldn’t hurt your wallet. In fact, your wallet would hardly know that it’s missing that dollar because that’s almost free for the best 2K games released so far.

The bundle is a worthy addition for every ardent gamer, especially with Bioshock Infinite in it along with other notable ones including XCom Enemy Unknown, Mafia 2, Bioshock among many others. For some weeks now, Humble Bundle wasn’t as exciting as it used to be because most games were Indies and big publishers didn’t join the wagon. However, this is a common occurrence because best titles can’t be shared all the time. The last good ones were the one from WB games and EA games that had titles like Mirror’s Edge, Battlefield 3 among many others. Now, it is 2K Games turn to woo the audience with an amazing pack that you can own for any amount that you wish. People who are new to the scenario should know that this is not just a sale but also a charity program where the income will be shared with those needy people. Ultimately, everyone wins here.

Humble 2K Bundle

The Humble 2K Bundle is hot property on the internet right now because for $1, the bundle gives you some worthy titles including BioShock, The Darkness II and XCOM Declassified from The Bureau. That’s lot of gaming for a mere dollar and if you are ready to up the ante with $5, you will also get Spec Ops the Line, BioShock II and Mafia 2. Now, that’s even more gaming for the price you pay and the biggest of them all is the $20 donation which if made will give you access to Enemy Unknown from XCom and BioShock Infinite along with all the other titles mentioned above. For twenty dollars, gamers will be able to get eight amazing titles from 2K that is a great investment for people who are newly building up their games library as well as for those who don’t own some of the titles from the bundle. They can just gift those repeated games to friends while keeping the rest for themselves. Either way, this is worth your money and it will give you plenty of fun filled gaming hours.

Steam DRM

While some players still opine that DRM is annoying, Steam isn’t the worst side of it. After all, we can’t keep track of hundred different titles or more if not for this program from Valve. However, anyways the point is all the 2K games that are part of the Humble Bundle come with Steam Keys that you can redeem. The original BioShock is the only title without a DRM. You can also choose to split your money between the organizations and the developers as you please. The bundle will be open for purchase till July 22, 11 AM PST.

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