Battlefield Hardline Is Being Perfected, Says EA Blog

Did you get a chance to visit the official Battlefield forums recently? If you haven’t, then we definitely have some interesting news to share.

We all know by now that the people at Visceral games in association with Electronic Arts are busy perfecting the upcoming Battlefield Hardline. They are aiming to offer a solid game play experience and it seems things are going great at their end. An enthusiastic team revealed the news in their blog saying that Visceral team is exceptionally energetic at the moment and they had never had better fun that this one. The game is developing fast and they have expressed their gratitude to EA saying, “The time that EA has given us is definitely paying off. They have relied on us to perfect the game and we are definitely making the best use of it.”

Every Day Matters

Battlefield Hardline is being fast perfected, says the team. They added saying, “We at Visceral games really value the extra time that the company has bestowed upon us. We are using every additional day that we have to make sure the game gets better. Many of the improvements to the title are being made based on player feedback and the inputs that people gave us during the beta. Our multiplayer development process is going great as well where iterating something new daily is now so common.”

“We mean iterating by implementing the ideas that players wanted us to add, listening to what they have to say and making changes that value their opinions. We are also going to try out those changes and show them off in the upcoming beta which would be revised again if needed. We have a strong eye on player feedback all the time.”

Next Beta Is Close By

Based on the statement made by Visceral, it seems we may have a Battlefield Hardline second beta close by. The team confirmed that they would give equal importance to player feedback during another beta when it takes place. Everything shared during the time will be implemented into the game and be part of the final version of Hardline when it officially launches in 2015.

They also released some statistics for Battlefield Hardline which claimed that over 17,655 people played the new version during Gamescom. The game modes tested were Hotwire and Rescue that were hosted simultaneously on PlayStation 4 as well as PC platforms.



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