Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Gets a New Destiny Pre-Order Bonus

Activision is the official publisher for 2014’s two biggest titles ever made – Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and Destiny.

Being in a company that covers such big titles, it is no wonder they want to make sure both their games benefit out of each other. The new announcement is that if you pre-order the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare first person military shooter, you will be rewarded with a Legendary Blacksmith Armor Shader for Destiny, which is a unique item that can originally be unlocked only at level 20.

Players who love both the games equally and are planning to purchase them could definitely make use of this offer. However, there is a big catch associated with it. In order to make the purchase, you should live in the United States, because it is limited to Gamestop stores in the country and cannot be availed in other countries at the moment. The company has also confirmed that the offer is available until September 21, after which you won’t be rewarded with this armor shader.

Why Destiny Rocks?

If you haven’t heard much about Destiny but are more familiar with Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, it’s time you know why there’s so much hype about the game. The title developed by Bungie boasts of four different planets which have layers of missions to complete and quests to indulge in. The developers believe that this is the first, never ending game to enter the Playstation 4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms, because every time you visit the same area in the map, there will be something new to do.

However, the game is not coming to PC at the moment. By pre-ordering the Advanced Warfare, you will unlock the Blacksmith Armor Shader which is extremely powerful and is an in-game item which will allow you to apply shades of metal gray, bullet brass yellow or metallic silver to your virtual character.

Getting Your Goodies

Once you pre-order Call of Duty Advanced Warfare through the said retailer, you will receive a special code for Destiny as an e-mail message. It’s as simple as that. You just have to redeem it in the Bungie website and the special item will automatically be added to your account. If you purchase a physical copy of the game from a retailer, you will have the code printed at the back of the box. It has also been confirmed that everyone who chooses to pre-order the game will be automatically allowed to join the Day Zero community.

As the name suggests, you will be able to play the game a day earlier before its official release date. On that particular day, all multi-player matches will earn you double XP which should make it much easier to unlock items, weapons, camos and much more, within a short period. Activision has done a great marketing strategy but the only drawback in here is that it’s limited to the United States. If they would open it up to a worldwide audience through digital copies, it would be readily accessible.


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