Candy Crush Saga – Tips and Cheats To Level Faster Than Anyone

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There are a few methods you can use for specific level types in Candy Crush Saga. Here are a few tips on how to level up fast in this addictive game.

1. Time limit

When you’re playing against time, you want to focus on making fast any kind of matches. While doing that, keep an eye at the entire time for any special candies you can create. As soon as you have a special candy on the board, match is right away and keep finding other matches.

2. Ingredients

If you see an ingredient on the board, try making vertical matches to bring the ingredient down and get it off your board.

3. Limited Moves

Most of the stages in Candy Crush Saga have a limited number of moves. With other words, if you don’t finish the board until you finish your moves, you lose. On these kinds of stages you don’t want to rush, since there is no time pressure on you. If you see that you can create a special candy, do it right away. If you can’t create special candies, just do normal match-ups.

4. Jelly levels

Jelly levels are one of the hardest stages in Candy Crush Saga. In these kinds of levels, you want to clear every jelly from the board. You should not care so much about the score since you will most likely pass the stage if you clear the jellies. Try creating a few chain reactions at the bottom of your board, so in this way, a new candy will drop into the top position and hopefully it will matchup with the jelly next to it.

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