Subway Surfers – Tips and Tricks on How to Score More

In subway surfers, players take control of the role played by hooligan youths spraying graffiti over a metro station.

The angry officer follows them down the subway with his dog. For the hooligan to evade the police, they need to pick up gold coins and avoid incoming trains. Do you want to score high in this game? Listed below are useful tips and tricks.

How to Jump high

This is a funny trick that allows your character to run backwards. Firstly, players require a mega head-start. Acquire it from the mystery box. You can buy this item once you deplete those that are availed. Once your player is halfway dead, tap on the head-start icon to activate it. In a few seconds of death, the character will fly backward. It’s a trick that you need to perfect. Players, particularly beginners will need to practice to perfect this trick.

How to Avoid Death?

For this trick to come into effect, the character has to come to a standstill. To activate this game trick, swipe in any direction you want. This will keep the character moving in another direction. As in the case of a moving train, the character swipes swiftly in a safer direction. To perfect this trick, timing matters. Thus, it’s unlikely that you will cheat death on your first trial.

How Do You Gain Access to Free Board Options?

Players love to use this trick on their players. The better part is that you can access the Miami special board without incurring costs. For you to activate and use this trick, adjust date settings to may 30th 2013. From your phone settings, find time and date settings. Set the changes and open the board section. Hereof, you will have unlimited access to Miami special board. Note; since it’s a glitch, you might not succeed in your foremost effort.

How Can You Increase Your Collection of Coins?

If you play your cards well, you will end up with double the collected coins. In contrast, you need a jet-pack and unique sneakers to activate this trick. When you obtain these items, swipe across the screen whereof you collect large sets of coins.

There are specific editions and special missions from the past that you want. How do you retain them? Mostly, editions are limited. Similarly, special missions are erased from the scale. Nonetheless, background scenes stay intact. To activate this trick, go to your device time and date settings. Set the date for the character’s availability in the past playing days. Hereafter, you will use specific players to achieve missions at hand.
The Bottom Line

Tips and tricks on how to score more in this game play work. The diverse missions will be accomplished quickly and efficiently. Every step whilst carrying out these tricks requires a determinate mind as they are tough to master. Furthermore, a few calls for players to carry them out twice for them to take effect. Otherwise, use the trick and enjoy subway surfers.

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