Nokia Lumia 620 vs Samsung Galaxy Core – Pricing and Specifications Compared

The Nokia Lumia 620 is a budget offering from Nokia that will attempt to make the Windows Phone operating system available to a wider section of audience.

The Samsung Galaxy Core came out in June 2013 and it provided support to two SIM cards at once. Further, it also ran on the android operating system. The operating system alone is not the differentiating aspect between the two phones.


Samsung and Nokia have not changed their style philosophies with respect to the Galaxy Core and Lumia 620. The Galaxy Core is distinctly similar to the Samsung phones priced just above it. The Lumia 620 was priced only slightly higher than the Lumia 520 when it came to the market in January 2013. However, it is different in terms of design due to its rounded edges but not hugely different from the other Windows phones from Nokia.


The Lumia 620 features a 3.8 inch display that offers 480 x 800 pixels of resolution, which is the same resolution offered by the 4.3 inch display of the Galaxy Core. The same amount of resolution being offered in a large display results in the Samsung device providing a lower pixel density of 217 PPI.


Internal memory is similar on both devices at 8 GB, while they also offer the same 64 GB microSD card support. As a result, there is little to separate the Lumia 620 and the Galaxy Core in terms of memory, although the Galaxy Core’s Android operating system uses slightly more of the 8 GB. Only 4.5 GB out of the 8 GB is available out of the box for the user.


The similarity extends into the camera as well. The Lumia 620 and the Galaxy Core are provided with a 5 megapixel camera that only differs in features. While the Nokia device offers higher end features like 720p HD video recording, the Galaxy Core can do only 480p videos. However, it provides additional features like face detection and touch focus. These are absent on the Lumia 620.

Lumia 620 and the Galaxy Core use different versions of the Snapdragon processor to run the operating system. The Nokia device came with the Microsoft Windows Phone 8 OS and it has since received updates to the 8.1 version. This has largely ironed out majority of the issues faced by the original Windows Phone OS. The app ecosystem has also grown considerably in the last few years. Even though it still cannot match the Android marketplace, Windows users will be delightfully surprised to see most of the popular apps present here as well. The Galaxy Core came with the Android 4.1 operating system.


The Galaxy Core gains a huge advantage because of the large 1800 mAh battery whereas the Lumia 620 offers a disappointing 1300 mAh battery. The Nokia phone also lacks in few elements like the FM radio, which is present in the Galaxy Core.

Considering their age, both phones can be bought for bargain with the Lumia 620 and the Galaxy Core selling at $180.

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