Adobe Flash Player 12 – What’s New?

The Adobe flash player has been the touchstone for salient, rich and high impact internet content.

With Adobe flash, designs, graphics, user interfaces and animations are immediately deployed to all platforms and browsers to guarantee the complete virtual experience. In order to enjoy high quality streaming, Adobe flash is constantly updated with new features.

The latest Adobe flash version is Adobe flash 12. With these upgrades, Adobe flash remains relevant to the ever evolving internet technologies. The upgrades also ensure that hackers and cyber attackers are kept at bay since the security features have also been improved.

Exploiting Adobe flash 12’s full potential

For any user to be able to fully enjoy the benefits of the upgraded Adobe flash 12, they should have one of the following browsers in their systems:

• Internet Explorer 7.0 and higher.
• Google chrome.
• Opera 11.
• Firefox 4.0 and higher.

The Adobe flash 12 highlights

• With the Adobe flash player 12 upgrade users can easily navigate between multiple operating systems on smartphones, desktops, tablets and ordinary mobile phones.

• Users can expect continuous streaming as it has been created to combat crashes which were common with Adobe flash 11.

• Adobe flash player 12 offers improved gaming experience. 3D is the latest and best gaming and viewing platform. The accelerator compounds 2D and 3D rendering capabilities. Also, Adobe flash 12 allows its streaming across multiple devices such as TVs, desktops and mobile phones.

• Adobe flash player 12 has been created to stream files, applications and other media elements at a higher speed than its predecessor.

• Adobe flash player also comes with ‘content protection support’ for iOS, android and blackberry devices. This protection applies for domain support, rotation support, V3 license chaining and device filtering.

What this latest Adobe flash version means for developers

The Adobe flash player 12 is likely to be very much appreciated by developers and end users alike. There are numerous important features in this new version like the improved iOS packaging engine application, and support for 4.4 KitKat android OS. It also comes with a new android workers feature added to the AIR 4.4 version.

Adobe flash 12 also supports “pkg” file format for Mac. These pkg files can be deployed on a large scale.

Also, the bugs and security issues with the previous versions of Adobe flash have been fixed and are, therefore, non-existent.

Downloading and using Adobe flash 12

It is possible to download Adobe flash player 12 for free on windows OS and Mac. You can also download flash player on internet explorer for your desktop running windows. It is important to note that Adobe flash 12 is not compatible with windows m8 or 8.1. However, flash player comes as part of the windows 8 OS.

Adobe flash player 12 offers safe mode support on Safari. If you want to try out Adobe flash 12 on your Chrome browser, you should note that Chrome comes with an inbuilt flash player.

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