WhatsApp – Top 5 Tips and Tricks for Android and iOS

WhatsApp messenger was acquired by Facebook for 19 billion dollars.

WhatsApp is available for most of the mobile operating systems. It has more than 400 million active users around the world. Most of them were attracted by its fast message delivery service and other nice features.

Here are top 5 tips and tricks for WhatsApp on Android and iOS.

1. How to disable “last seen” feature

WhatsApp comes with a “last seen” timestamp at the bottom of the conversation, which shows you when the last time when you connected on WhatsApp was. While for some users, this feature is helpful, for others is not. Open your WhatsApp and go to Settings->Account->Privacy->Last Seen. There you will find 3 options: my contacts, everyone and nobody. After that, just select the option you want.

2. Locking WhatsApp

We want to protect our privacy and to do that we must lock applications, or the phone. Since WhatsApp is not like any other application such as Facebook, where you login using a password, in order to lock WhatsApp you can use the “WhatsApp Lock” application.

3. Send ZIP, PDF, APK files using WhatsApp

Using WhatsApp you can only send audio or video files. However, you can use an application named “Whats Packed 2 ads” to send ZIP or PDF files. Keep in mind that the person you will want to send the file to, must have installed the “Whats Packed 2 ads” application also.

4. How to extend WhatsApp Free Trial Period

When you start using WhatsApp, in the first year it is free, but after that, you will have to pay 1 dollar per year. It’s not much, we know, but if you can trick the system, why wouldn’t you do it? To extend your “trial” account, you will first have to delete your account. Keep in mind that you will want to do this when you are a few days away from ending your trial period.

To do this you will have to go in Settings->account->Delete My Account. After that, enter your mobile number and delete your account. Create a new account, following the same steps as when you firstly created your account. After that, you will notice that your trial period has been extended for 1 year.

5. How to recover deleted conversations

If you accidentally deleted your WhatsApp conversations, don’t worry, there is a way to recover them, since WhatsApp backups all the conversations on its servers. To recover conversations, you will just have to uninstall WhatsApp and reinstall it back. When you reinstall it, it will ask you if you want to restore history or if you want to continue without restoring it. Just click “Restore” and you will recover all your deleted conversations.

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