ZoneAlarm – Free Antivirus for Your Computer’s Security

ZoneAlarm is a free antivirus and firewall software that is being touted as the ‘ultimate internet security solution’.

Created by CheckPoint Software Technologies, ZoneAlarm is a one of a kind, antivirus software, also available in Internet Security Suite and Extreme Security package. However, if you are a relatively cautious user, you will not need anything more than their comprehensive free antivirus protection. Here’s everything you need to know about ZoneAlarm.


This antivirus software has an antivirus/anti-Spyware engine that easily detects all kinds of viruses and malware on your computer. It also offers a two-way firewall that not only makes your computer completely invisible to any hacking attacks, but also prevents any kind of spyware from sending your information to outside sources. The advanced firewall system performs many other tasks including monitoring programs and detecting viruses that could potentially bypass antivirus software. In addition to this, it has privacy and security toolbar, identity protection feature, advanced real-time scanning and reporting, browser protection, parental controls, threat emulation and locate my device feature. Additionally, it optimizes your computer to enhance its performance as well. The virus signature database is also updated very regularly to give you complete protection.


ZoneAlarm’s biggest advantage is that it has a very simple user interface, which makes it easy for anyone using it. The software offers you meticulously layered security, with a single point of login. Since it has both antivirus and firewall features, it is much more convenient to use, than two separate software. Additionally, the software is very lightweight and has a very small footprint, so it won’t drain your device’s resources and you can easily use it anytime you want. It is free of cost for individual use or for the use of a non-profit organization, though you can upgrade to the premium versions, if you feel that you need a more comprehensive security cover. Still, even the free version has a lot of security features, which may be missing in many other antivirus software.


As far as service is concerned, the customer reviews speak for themselves. The antivirus software comes with a very robust support system. When you get a license, you also get the assurance of 24/7 support on your product. If you feel that you do not have too big a problem, you can simply contact the ZoneAlarm community, which will then guide you to all possible solutions for your problem. There are many videos and other support material available on the online community; so do not get worried if you have any issues that you cannot resolve on your own. ZoneAlarm has always been famous for its strong protection for your computer. Though they do not have any products for smartphones, at least your computer can get the heavy duty protection it needs. With the browser protection and the ‘locate my device’ feature, you have one of the most comprehensive protection suites you could have asked for. Since all this is for free, there really isn’t much to complain.

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