Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Collector’s Edition Is Priced At $120

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While the release date for the game is still a couple of months to go, the developers Sledgehammer Games have started promoting their title by all possible means.

Their aggressive marketing is evident from the newly released game play videos, weapons and sounds production clip, among many others. The company also revealed the single player story campaign trailer, which looks extremely impressive with Kevin Spacey in the lead and even though the story does sound familiar to many other military shooters, the presentation may definitely help Call of Duty Advanced Warfare make a mark in the industry this year.

Now, three different editions of the game, including a collector’s edition have been revealed and it is good to see that they didn’t price it exorbitantly at $200 or more. Activision, the publishers of the game also announced the Season Pass which would eventually give players access to four DLC map packs which will be released in a periodical fashion, as with the usual Call of Duty tradition. It is quite similar to what EA does with Battlefield series, but as fans keep buying it, the concept of releasing a bunch of four multiplayer maps for a price has become a more common marketing strategy, than additional bonus sales for the publishers, beyond the $60 price tag.

Atlas Pro Edition

The biggest of the lot, the collector’s edition of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is the Atlas Pro edition, which is priced at $119.99 and it comes bundled with a variety of physical as well as digital content. The Pro edition includes a retail copy of the game, a steelbook case to keep your precious discs, safely for the next decade or so, Welcome to Atlas – Advanced Soldier Manual, a bonus multiplayer map named Atlas Gorge, which is said to be a remake of the Pipeline map from Modern Warfare and the Atlas digital content pack – which includes exoskeletons and weapons, exclusive to the special edition owners.

It also includes a season pass using which players will be able to gain access to all four DLCs as and when they get released. More details on the DLC packs are expected to be revealed by Activision in the coming months, while some information will be kept on hold until the game gets released.

Other Editions

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare will also have an Atlas Limited edition which will include everything except for the Season Pass from the Pro Edition, where there is a Digital Pro Edition as well that the players can choose to purchase. The digital content pack from Atlas will include Bal-27 AE Assault Rifle, Atlas 45 AE Pistol as well as an Atlas themed exoskeleton, helmet and player card. The exo suit used in the game has high jump abilities and with such futuristic vehicles, the new Call of Duty does have plenty of similarities to Titanfall. It could soon become the direct competitor for the game, while Battlefield is going to take an all new direction with Hardline, delving into the cops and robbers multiplayer modes.

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