Nokia Lumia 630 – Features, Specs and Review

The Lumia series is termed by many as the best series by Nokia owing to the smart set of specifications it offers.

If you want to get a low budget, affordable phone that comes packed with impressive specifications list, you can fall back on Nokia Lumia 630.

Nokia Lumia 630 is the first windows 8.1 device and if you want to explore the main features it offers, we will do it for you.

Form Factor

At 4.5 inches, this phone definitely offers you more than you could ask for at budget price. With an IPS LCD capacitive touch screen and 218 ppi pixel density, you are not going to complain about the color clarity either.  It also has a Corning gorilla glass 3 which adds to the impressive list of specifications.

The design of the phone makes it a commendable choice as the cutting edge finish along with the eclectic colors in which you can have the Nokia Lumia 630 makes it a top choice among youngsters.

The Core Technical Specification

The RAM is dismal as Nokia Lumia 630 comes with a meager 512 MB RAM. If you like to download too many apps, you might not be very happy using it. We expected the RAM configuration to be slightly better, given the other features being offered. However, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor is not bad. You should be able to multitask with ease. However, you are advised to refrain from playing games that involve extra CPU speed and require higher CPU performance.

The Camera Performance

As far as the camera is concerned, you are going to be happy with Nokia Lumia 630. The Lumia series has brought forth a new generation of smart cameras and this model does not disappoint either. While the the phone has a rear camera of 5 MP, you will be able to capture some of the best, detailed and clearer shots. Even the video that you can capture is very good as Nokia Lumia 630 comes with a rating of 720p@30 fps.

However, Nokia Lumia 630 does not have any secondary camera, which is definitely a big disadvantage. Those who love to video call may have to find some other alternative.

The Price Factor

Perhaps the clinching factor in this deal is the smart pricing strategy. The model is priced at $159 and it is hard to find such specifications at this price. Those who are looking for a smart mobile at affordable prices should not miss out on Nokia Lumia 630. There are higher models in this series for those who are willing to spend more money. However, Nokia Lumia 630 is apt for those looking to strike the rare balance between price and features.

It looks like Nokia did the smart thing by launching this model because it has been meticulously designed. One can find smart features, cutting edge form factor and the perfect price in the same model. The reviews for Nokia Lumia 630 are positive and impressive as users found it to be the perfect deal that one could have.

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