Watch Dogs Is Biggest Selling New IP In The U.K., Mario Kart 8 Is Second

A long list of controversies and questions surround Watch Dogs because players complain that the game’s visual quality has been significantly reduced since its E3 2012 show.

It was supposed to get released in 2013 but got delayed by over a year. Finally, the new IP hit stores in 2014 May but the troubles didn’t end there. The game was designed to run on all platforms including PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. To optimize it to run smoothly on the new gen consoles, the game developers opted for unified memory that created issues for PC gamers.

They were unable to play it with ultra settings even though the players were using custom-built high-powered gaming rigs because of the excessive VRAM the game required. Ubisoft has promised that a new patch will be released soon to fix this issue and deliver an optimal experience for players. Brushing such problems aside, the game has shot itself to fame to become one of the biggest selling IPs for Ubisoft and has now become the company’s biggest launch in the U.K. It became so huge that it managed to push Mario Kart 8, Nintendo’s most wanted game on Wii U, to the second place and continues to dominate the U.K. sales charts.

PS4 Version Leads

Watch Dogs got released on almost all major platforms but according to sale reports, the PS4 version of the game is the fastest selling version. Sony is determined to push their title to their gamers as quick as possible. Their aggressive promotion paid off and over 49 percent of the game was sold on PS4. It not only paved way for the game sales but also has led to a drastic increase in console sales as well. In the first week since the title officially landed, the company witnessed a strong 94 percent increase in console sales and over 54 percent of them were the Watch Dogs bundle.

Without a doubt, the numbers indicate that Sony dominates the charts while Microsoft is in second with 27 percent sales on Xbox One and 13 percent on Xbox 360. On the whole, Watch Dogs is an exceptionally successful launch for Ubisoft, which has broken all the records set by L.A. Noire and Assassin’s Creed III in the U.K. The game didn’t receive positive comments because players opined that it lacked the open world finesse that GTA is known for. Yet, the new setup combined with hacking and driving has paved way for a good start for this new IP.

A Better Future

Most critics and gamers feel that the game has great potential. It will most probably get a sequel because it got off to a good start and if the developers could add all the necessary features, fix the bugs and make it a hassle-free open-world experience, then it could become the next Assassin’s Creed in no time. Players are already looking for a sequel but Ubisoft is now busy working on fixing the bugs on consoles and creating a patch for the PC version.

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