Avast Free Antivirus – Are You Looking for the Best Freebie in the Security Market?

There are a million Free Antivirus applications on the internet, but the question today is if they are all really armed against the new malware, viruses and threats popping up each day.

And, if they are, do they get enough security patches every day? The solution lies in selecting the best compatible anti-virus for your PC or device. Avast has been rated the best anti-virus that is stable and available for free. It can be downloaded by the users of all platforms and has the best scanning and threat removal methods.

New Features

DeepScreen Technology

This enables the anti-virus application to conduct more extensive and intelligent screening and screens your PC for the detection of new malware. AutoSandBox is the predecessor of this technology, as the new one comes out with additions like dynamic binary translation and dyna-gen as reported.

Hardened Mode
This is an exclusive mode for amateur users of PC, which excludes the immediate killing of binary that would normally be added to the moderate level. It also brings out the consumer AV space white listing it.

Cloud Scanning
This enables the crowd sourced analysis of all suspicious items, which is an extension mechanism to collect, check and detect with the data provided by Avast Sensors by a specific mechanism.

Up-to-date Checks
This has enabled Avast to procure and uninterrupted, perpetual services to continue streaming to update the infrastructure of the software to avail the Avast 400 updates per day. This has been enhanced by carrying more definitions and information with it.

Improved Malware Cleaning
This holds the vital role of detecting and cleaning more malware, infections and rootkits.

Online information
This has been sufficiently better with the online page of Avast providing and featuring a wide array of security ratings, phishing, malware protection and anonymity on the internet while surfing.

Improved Safe-zone
Avast has brought forth an enhanced Safe Zone in the new version to provide its users with securing banking, shopping and payment transactions.

Rescue Disk
This feature enables the users to create a boot up disk that constitutes private data, documents, and software alongside the perpetual scanning by Avast inhibiting the same.

Better User Interface
Avast has brought a new streamline interface for the simplified and smooth acquisition and working for its users.

Shields have been increased to three. Those are Mail Shield, Fire Shield and Web shield.

Protecting Direct
Control and protection of your safer or locked files are now accessible directly from the Avast guardian console.

Drastic Product Size Reduction
Avast’s new version has been reduced to 60 MB while its earlier versions were of 128 MB.

Scanning processes have been significantly increased due to the optimized scanning facility that scans the EXE files now at a rate of 2x. On the other hand, other files are scanned 10x faster than the previous rates.

Updated Firewall
The firewall enables the users to avail a safer, faster and secure performance in regard to IPv6.

The newer licensing mechanism enables its users to manage the product licenses with ease and smoothness now.

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