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Free Blogging Platform

Tumblr is a service offering a free platform for blogging and hosting, used by microbloggers. Bloggers can use this platform for showcasing their designs, art, photography and much more. Tumblr allows users to set up a free blog, so long as you keep the term ‘tumblr’ in your URL. It will be hosted by the site and can be accessed through a web portal.

New and Professional Bloggers

New bloggers can start blogging within a matter of minutes. Beginners will find it very simple to blog on this site, as it is very simple to design and maintain the blog with its user-friendly features. Entry-level bloggers will find it very useful, but even professional bloggers prefer it at times to provide variety. Experienced bloggers like to use Tumblr as a secondary platform and their primary blog content is set to get autoposted to Tumblr in many cases. They use this secondary site as a microblog where readers can access content and pictures, without reading everything appearing on the primary blog.

Signing Up

It is easy to sign up and create your account on the free blogging site, as Tumblr helps you go through the steps while getting started. You have to enter your username, password, email address and offer a good title for your blog. You can then take a headshot and upload it on your profile. You can also use your webcam for taking an image immediately, so there is no way out of this feature.

Blog Domain

There are many suggestions made by the site regarding the title of your blogging page. Users can also opt for customizing their blog and go to the dashboard to create new posts. It is compulsory to use the domain name tumblr.com as the URL as it is difficult to set up any other domain name, which is suggested only for advanced users.

Customizing your Blog

There are many options for customizing your blog. You will find many of these on the top in the menu bar. They include the theme, services, Appearance as well as Pages and Services along with Advanced options. The Themes and Appearances can be really fun to customize. You can select and make adjustments to the free themes and add the variations, such as airy, spacious, moody dark and so on.

Creating a Post

It is easy to create a new post on the site, as you can begin by creating a headline and the body first. To this, you can also add pictures that you upload to the site or select pictures linked from other sites on the web. The post that you create can be published immediately or you set a future date and time for publishing it.

If you are not too sure about the content you want to post on the page, Tumblr offers ideas. The site offers support for various types of posts, such as links, audio and video as well as quotes and text. Chat type of post means that you put up content in the form of a dialogue.


The best part of Tumblr is that it is free and excellent for beginners. It works great for visual blogging and for posts that don’t have much of text. However, the user interface could have been a little more functional by providing a learning curve for inexperienced bloggers. The blogging platform is a great place for microbloggers and beginners to start posting quickly. Still the dashboard of Tumblr can be a little confusing, because it resembles a blog rather than tools for blogging. Experienced bloggers might prefer some fine controls and a better user interface.

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